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I Heart Pandas V2.0

Today’s weather forecast was rain & thunder and as you know with travel you have to push on regardless and hope for the best or miss out. Just as well we pushed on because while it was overcast & humid were still waiting for the rain & thunder.

So It turns out I’m a sucker for a panda and when we found out there was one at Kobe Zoo it instantly went on our list, right at the top. Other than a mass of primary aged school kids on an excursion there were few people so we got to view Tan Tan without waiting and he just looked all soft & cuddly. There was kangaroos, emus & Koalas amongst all the usual zoo animals.

After consulting google maps, crossing the road, staring at the signs in Japanese we thought we were at the bus stop going in the right direction, however this Japanese lady who had tried to help Birte with directions came running back telling us we were going the wrong way. So we crossed back over the road & on to the bus, the lovely lady rode with us, then walked us all the way to the wrong railway station. We figured this out when we started moving but didn’t have the heart to tell her so we got to see another part of Kobe.

We did eventually make it to the ropeway and up to the herb garden, there’s also a waterfall viewable from the ropeway. The herb garden was a pretty spot with views over the city. I managed to entertain half of Japan well at least the small tour group whose leader had a microphone, had to think what she was saying while I tried to get into one of the hammocks on the grounds. I’m probably a contender to win Japan’s funniest home videos.

The one thing we decided we should do while we were here is have some Kobe beef, so off we trooped looked at a few menus, settled on one. Well I couldn’t bring myself to part with the cash so I settled on the special a Kobe beef hamburger which came with a few vegetables. Well I’m not sure if it was the beef or something similar to a home cooked meal but it was amazing (it must be good for me to say that about meat).

Since it was getting dark we strolled around the harbour watching the lights.

Sorry for everyone whose written comments I can’t seem to reply but I do read the.

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I Heart Pandas

After two smooth flights (one on the top deck of an A380 only problem it was still economy {insert sad face}) I arrived in Tokyo still cool calm & collected I thought having a few days alone in a foreign country the nerves would kick in but I’ve been really good. Unfortunately the Narita airport is about 45minutes from where I’m staying at Ueno but the train was interesting, good to see a little countryside before venturing into the city.

As I arrived at 730am I’ve had quiet a bit of time up my sleeve, majority of the morning was spent at the airport, customs, SIM card, train passes, train, etc...... where I’m staying is along side the Central Park of Japan Ueno Park. There’s a lot of stuff to see & I only touched a bit. You can all laugh at me having KFC for lunch by the water but it was what I knew & i’m tired might be more adventurous for tea.


The weather has been hot, cold all day there was even a little rain when I first arrived in Ueno. Anyway the sun came out for my trip to the zoo, where I spent the afternoon, it’s the first zoo I’ve thought the animals look sad & I felt for them. There’s a great variety of animals to see amongst the throngs of people. The main reason for visiting the zoo the Panda’s, so I joined the 70 minute wait queue and nearly an hour later I was in front of them. Well one who was not going to cooperate & turn around, the other cages looked bare there was hope when one walked towards the gate then turned around. Just about given up hope of a good panda shot one appeared walked around then sat down for a snack.


It was interesting with the other animals there was a tiger who appeared sprayed the plastic screen & walked off, a tortoise getting a little action in the corner & a gorilla that looked like it was doing yoga. There were babies, naughty animals, fights, cheeky monkeys, the lot really just wish they had a little more space to roam. How could I forget the Aussie expats that we’re hiding away from prying eyes.


I’m staying at the Centurion Ladies Hostel and this is my little bunk/capsule, plus the common room where I’m hiding out in the corner typing this.


After some 20,000 steps I’m going to put my sneakers back on & venture out for some food, then an early night (flight was not long enough for a good sleep)


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The lion sleeps tonight while we sip beer at the zoo!!

Simba was really sleeping, well dozing more to the point. Pumba was running around not wanting to pose for a pic, Timon well he wasn't there. No we didn't jet off to Africa today just spent some time at the Hamburg Zoo. Properly the best zoo I've been too, great selection of animal and the enclosures were barely noticeable. We made sure to pop into the kangaroos and say g'day mate. Even stumbled across some dinosaurs but there conversational skills were pretty non existent. We came across a kiosk selling beer yes beer inside the zoo, we have discovered anything goes in Hamburg.



Tomorrow we board the train for Poland, my feet & legs are looking forward to a rest day

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