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We Will Remember Them

So the one day I think I’ll get up early & go to the Anzac dawn service is the one morning I sleep to 6am.... lucky for me they had an 11 o’clock service, so I went to that instead.



Before I start harping on about what I did today I’ll take your breath away with last nights sunset.


I know amazing right!

Right so today what did I do today???? I don’t know???? slept in, went for a walk, sweated through the Anzac service, took a dip in the pool, a swim in the ocean, chilled, oh treated myself to fish & chips for lunch, pizza for tea (budget blown back to cheese sandwiches & pasta tomorrow), watched the sunset....can’t really think of much to tell you the truth so here’s a couple pics from today.






Ps only think the cost of everything & the humidity is the only thing that’ll send me home

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Beach Hopping

So a quick stop at visitors centre & next thing I knew I was heading towards Yardie Creek on the North West Cape.

Stop one was Yardie Creek, I couldn’t book the boat tour but I did the hike well the grade 1 hike & part of the grade 4 hike until I realised how sore I was from yesterday & how if I made it down & up that creek crossing I wasn’t sure I’ld make it on the return trek plus its was hot & humid.


And what do you do on the hour & half journey back to town stretch it out to 6 hours. Basically I went beach hoping, stopped in at most places, sometimes I just drove in the car park & others I went for a paddle.


Ready for beach spam I narrowed it down to my favs






I ended up pulling into a random little beach at sunset, great decision I ended up with a whole beach to myself well except my little turtle friends who every so often would pop up to check on me (more beach spam)



There’s a turtle in this one


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Nothing Much to Report

A pretty boring post really.....I got a lie in since I'm absolutely paranoid of kayaks which was a good thing since I woke up not feeling the best. Explored town, had a massage, slept, treated myself to an iced Laos coffee (I'm in love) and cinnamon bun, tough day I tell you.

Now just sipping a coke at the bar watching the sunset over the mountains.

This is yesterday's sunset, today's isn't as magical

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