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So an American, a Canadian & an Aussie walk into a bar


What am I saying it's more like a bunch of Americans, Canadians, Aussies, Chinese, South African..... Walk into a bar in Thailand ... Scrap that a cabaret bar ... Oh it was a lady boy show ok. Talk about laugh, what a performance.

Our day actually started on the train
Not a bad set up & I slept a lot better than I thought, however I do wish some people had more consideration to others when travelling in confined spaces. Don't get me started on the toilet ... That was the longest it's taken me to change my clothes there was no way nothing other than my flip flops that were touching that ground, better than the squat toilet in the other cubicle, man I'm sure I would have put my foot down the hole.

Once we had all recharged with the best breakfast so far, we tackled our workout for the day, some 300 odd steps to see the Wat Phra That Temple. We received blessings from a monk, had our fortunes told & enjoyed a quieter temple than yesterday.

Only a couple hours free time so we hit the streets & got caught up no sorry drowned by Songkran. There were more drive by shootings & all sorts joining it, it was a great atmosphere.

Now just because I took a Thai cooking class does not mean I'm going to cook you thai for (I'll leave that to the thai chief I'm packing with the tiger in my suitcase). Check out the beautiful setting of our cooking class
Smack bang in the middle of the rice fields beautiful is the only way to describe it. We watched the sun set over the mountains whilst cooking, laughing & enjoying our meal

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Drive By Shootings

Yes today I have witnessed drive by shootings
It's Songkran so there's people everywhere with buckets of water, hoses, water pistols, there on tuk tuks, motor bikes, the side of the road, everywhere no escaping, it's all good fun.
Visited the a Grand a Palace this morning an experience I can only liken to been a sheep in a large mob been herded through a small gate way. Your pushed, shoved, squished, all while sweating a bucket cause you must wear long pants. The worst was going in to see the Emerald Budda which is tiny didn't get too close I just wanted to squeeze through the door & back out to were I could breath. Tip - don't go on a Thai public holiday.
We also did a canal tour again I was happy to be back on solid ground. Night train tonight

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Thai new year or the water festival it's a time to dust off your water pistol & join the fun.
You get soaked, there's water getting chucked on you, you get caught in the cross fire, then random people rub this chalk paste on your face, it's just awesome fun and it doesn't officially start until tomorrow!!!
Here some pics from the Main Street of action
Ps have met the people on our tour looks like it's going to be a fun 2 week

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