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Today's weather matched the mood

Today was overcast & a bit drizzly but suited what we faced a day tour of Auschwitz Birkenau & the Salt Mine.

Auschwitz Birkenau.......
Words cannot explain how it felt to visit so take a moment to look at the pictures (quickly picked cause it's late & we have a very early start) in silence



The visit to the salt mine was a different affair, some 378 steps later we arrived in the mine, we snaked through tunnels, admired cathedrals 100 or so meters below the surface, there was salt statues & a lift I'm sure should have only had about 4 people in not 5 to bring us back to the surface. We ended at 135m deep who would have known you where that far underground?


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A Funnicular Kinda Day

Today we escaped the city & headed for the mountains. Thankfully the weather held off today & the only real rain fell when we were on the bus heading back to the city.

As we made our way to the Tatra mountains we stopped at a little wooden village called Chocholow. We went into the cottage of a wood carver, interesting little set up.


When we arrived in Zakopane we took a flying trip past the ski jump I got a glimpse of it, amazing is the only word but Mum on the other side of the bus missed it (we won't go on about the tour not the best). The part of Zakopane we saw was very touristy, a lot of stalls selling the same dare I say it junk. Would have been interesting to see a little more of this town, the side away from the market stalls, never mind. We caught the Funnicular to the top of Mt Gubalowka some 1,100 in elevation to check the view of the Tatras Mountains. Stunning, amazing, beautiful is the only way to describe it. We wandered around here for an hour or so, browsed a few shops & brought an ice cream before piling back into the bus back to the city.


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When the thunder rolls & the lightening strikes.....

...right in front of you all you can do is laugh at how everyone ducks.

Another big day on foot about 20km or so in the humidy lucky we were pretty much back at our hotel when the storm hit. There's a lot to see but I think we got most of it in there's a limit of how many churches you can admire. We beat the crowds to Wawel & the castle & explored the grounds, marvelled at the buildings in the old town, ate ice cream in the rain, window shopped.



Suz you may have a lot of songs about you but I bet you don't have a church!! Yes check out my church Corpus Christi (sorry it's so big it didn't all fit in the pic)


The sobering part of the day was a visit to the Jewish area, it kinda sent shivers down your spine. The chair monument made you stop & think, I was a little disappointed in Oskar Schindlers factory I expected an older building think it may have been rendered. There was the unkept graves & old gravestone walls in the Jewish cemetery.


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