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Vikings, Ships & Eskimo Me

We started our day with a trip to Museum Island (I'm sure it has a name but for now Museum Island will do) we were interested in seeing the Viking Ships . So glad we did these ships have been recovered longer than Dalwallinu has been settled, there age well there ancient and amazing, well worth a visit.
While we were on the island we decided we had time to visit another museum so we chose the Fram Museum, you walk in and you are confronted with a big ship, again amazing, wish we had had more time.
We had booked a cycling tour of Oslo with Viking Biking before we left, whose stupid idea was that? Oh wait mine! Bet I'll be paying for it tomorrow, the bike was not my Malvern Star. The tour was great we saw old & new, from water to the land & in between alot of undressed statues.

Meeting the locals

And Eskimo Me

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Buskers & Beggers

They're everywhere in the street wanting money, some are painted metallic pretending to be statues, making ballon animals, selling magazines, they've got a little jazz band. They ask for money in signs written in English, they want to cash to fix there deformed feet, they don't have any kids nor are they Ill they just money for beer (love there honestly), but my favourite .... Money needed for travel. The further into our trip we go the more beggers & buskers we see.

Bit of a rest day six hours on the train, reading & watching the world pass by. We arrived in Oslo mid afternoon and decided to explore the city centre. There was the Palace, City Hall, Cathedral, there are so many buildings to look at but the favourite The Opera House, a steep climb but worth it for the view.


We also met some locals, they didn't provide much conversation though

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