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Plane Spotting & Surfing

Our day starting with a spot of plane spotting at the Munich Airport only a couple of kilometres walk from Birtes house.

Then we spent the afternoon exploring Munich, starting with a kayak pond in the bottom of a sports store (said store also had climbing walls, places to test you rain & snow jackets and travel wine)

We lunched amongst a forest

Can you believe you can surf in Munich, believe me you can and it's quite easy to loose time watching. You can say it's properly my new favourite sport

We finished the day with Olympic Park where we went up the tower & dragged our tired bodies round the stadium

Total number of steps taken today 27,698 (18.23km) and it's not over yet we've got a trip to the airport to go yet. No wonder I'm tired

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Oktoberfest 2015

Guess what I finally saw ....
Yup the palm tree at Dubai. Flights were a little bumpy but since I seem to becoming a pro at flying it didn't seem to worry me this time, it did kind of rock me to sleep a bit.

With only a couple of hours to chill (avoiding jet lag...no more needs to be said ) we hit Oktoberfest

It was great to walk around exploring, we took in the sights from the Ferris wheel, ate some yummy almonds, looked in the Hofbrauhaus tent, before sitting down for a beer outside (the best place to sit to get random drunk Aussies practically passing out in your beer, Indians who want to talk cricket or the odd person escaping for a smoke) all in all a good night.

Prost with Birte

Adventure Awaits

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