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Everest Still Isn’t on the List

Today I thought ild go check out the Stirling Range well I made it to Bluff Knoll and that is as far as I got. I stood at the lookout and next thing I knew I was hiking it. I don’t know what ran through my mind a 6.2km return basically up stairs the whole way was not! But you know what with everyone’s encouragement I DID IT!!! I MADE THE SUMMIT OF BLUFF KNOLL all 1095m above sea level in 5 hours 10 minutes (they only recommend it’ll take 3-4 hours). What kept me going other than all the encouraging words of people overtaking me or on the way day about 2/3s of the way up I found out there was an 83 year old guy who was going to attempt the summit. If he could do it so could I. I did it, I have no plans to hike again or even look at a mountain unless it’s by chopper, lift, cable car…..
Here’s the journey (in no particular order)


I detoured a little further to see The Lily since it was after 5 I decided not to go in


After chatting to the wives/friends/family of the 83 year old I stopped where they told me I could find some butterfly orchids. There was no way I was going to make it up the road verge with my jelly legs so I looked on the other side of the road & found this


I took the scenic route home through the range on a road that was made of ball bearings while dodging roos, pretty sure it was the long way too.

Ps I’m still waiting for the endorphins to kick in.

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I’ve Become That Girl ….

…the one who trades her pj bottoms for tights, throws a jumper over her pj top & walks barefoot to the beach. Will miss my beach walks.


I finally left Albany after a coffee & cake & headed for the Porongurups. Someone (me) thought it was a brilliant idea to hike The Nancy Peak circuit (the idea been I had done Castle Rock years ago ild try something else) 5.5km of pain! I’m not sure my feet will ever recover from all the rocks I’ve walked over, my ankles all the odd angles I put them at, my legs may never carry my uphill again, the rest of me is gonna hurt but it’s fine it’s a bit like sitting in an ice bath outside at the moment. And I’m sure I hit the summit at least three times, everytime I thought this is it ild find another incline & rock to climb. However I did it with a smile on my face at the end when the endorphins kicked in (and I was on flat ground).




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Money Laundering

Yesterday we traded the mountains for the beach as we said goodbye to Nikko and headed to Kamakura. We really were quiet yesterday arriving in Kamakura about 1pm we dropped our bags off & checked out our quirky room at Omachi Junxion. The weather has been quite warm & humid here so I’m actually looking forward to some cool weather for a change. We had a little walk around the area, stumbled across a temple you can’t enter but you are able to explore the grave yard with its graves hidden in niches in the rock.

First up today we caught the electric railway to The Great Buddha, it wasn’t as big as the one at Nara but still quite impressive as this one stood out in the open and for a small fee you got to go inside. Inside was not really that exciting just a hollowed out Buddha, no peaking out the eyes or anything, still interesting learning how it was build.


Leaving Buddha we found a hiking trail through to some other temples, the stairs to the start were hard work but after that it was alright except somehow we ended up back on a major road. Never mind we managed to find our way to Zeniarai Benzaiten Ugafuku Jinja Shrine, where we washed some of our money as the story goes its meant to double....I’m still waiting. However it was still pretty cool you entered through a rock tunnel into an open area and the shrine where you washed the money was in a niche in another rock.



On our way had noticed another shrine, Sasuke Imari Jinja Shrine so we detoured via that, more steps (I’ll sleep well tonight) and there were all these little cat figures. Actually thinking back they were kinda creepy cat figures, small & exactly the same, I’m sure they followed us.


After one last noodle soup we jumped on a packed electric railway car and headed for Enoshima, an island connected by a bridge. There are steps up to the Shrine but there’s also an escalator!!! I know an outdoor escalator, I was exciting & quickly jumped inline to pay I had had enough of stairs for the day. We explored a little at the top before taking the steps down (escalator only goes up {insert sad face}).


After all the walking & stairs plus a couple gin & tonics (with real tonic!) during happy hour think I’ll sleep well tonight.

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