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Stuff Disney I'm an Aussie bob sledder heading towards gold.

.... But I don't look good in Lycra

Woke up hangover free from German beer, it was after 6am I beat jet lag (yes) , all was good in my world.

Today's plan was to tick something off the bucket list, a visit to Neuschwanstein Castle seemed more achievable than a visit Disneyland, so we took a drive throught the Bavarian countryside. I've definitely had my exercise today I was prepared for the long walk but not mostly at 90 degrees, my advise take the packed bus or overloaded horse cart no actually take the walk it's worth it I'm exaggerating it is an incline & long.


I tried to shut the door keep out all the tourists with large cameras & iPads out

After practically running down the mountain we didn't run up the small hill to Hohenschwangau Castle
The lake by this castle was picturesque

We bumped into some of the locals (I will not mention that it appeared we arrived during there afternoon toilet break)

The highlight was bob sledding I might have been captain slow but it was great fun

Then we found an awesome playground for 50c I got to ride this digger you had controls that moved the bucket, yes it was awesome

Warning wine has been consumed while writing this blog

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Oktoberfest 2015

Guess what I finally saw ....
Yup the palm tree at Dubai. Flights were a little bumpy but since I seem to becoming a pro at flying it didn't seem to worry me this time, it did kind of rock me to sleep a bit.

With only a couple of hours to chill (avoiding jet lag...no more needs to be said ) we hit Oktoberfest

It was great to walk around exploring, we took in the sights from the Ferris wheel, ate some yummy almonds, looked in the Hofbrauhaus tent, before sitting down for a beer outside (the best place to sit to get random drunk Aussies practically passing out in your beer, Indians who want to talk cricket or the odd person escaping for a smoke) all in all a good night.

Prost with Birte

Adventure Awaits

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Busy in Berlin - Part 2

Another beautiful day in Berlin, what were we meant to do ... explore!

First stop on our tour was the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedachtniskirche, an old church where they've turned the ruins into a memorial hall with photos and some of the items saved. It wasn't open when we first stopped by so we went back later, the mosaic work is amazing.


Feeling all sporty we continued on the train the Olympic Stadium from the 1936 Olympics. The stadium is this massive building that feels like it's placed in the middle of nothing but there is so much going on there. We spent a few hours walking round, watching some diving training and even what seemed to be the opening of the local soccer team.


When in Berlin you need to eat like a German so we tried a curry worst, not bad.


I cannot believe how much of the Berlin Wall you can see, I'm sure bits pop up when your not looking. We walked via the East Berlin Gallery where the wall still stands as a gallery. The unfortunate thing is so many people have defaced the original artwork by writing there names, etc over it.


Last stop was the Reichstag Building which is Berlin's Parliament, Birte had arranged a guided tour which was well worth it. We learnt about the German parliament and most interesting shown the graffiti by the soldiers from when the building was used during the war. The highlight however was the roof where you can walk around and enjoy the view or climb the glass dome. The sun kinda set while we were there.


Thanks so much to Birte for playing tour guide as we explored the city together

We have just arrived in London, wish the flight from Australia was as short as the one from Germany

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Busy in Berlin

We've had a busy day exploring Berlin with Birte who thankfully not only played tour guide but put up with all our questions & translation requests, bribing her with pineapple lumps worked : ) thank you Birte!

I've seen so much I'm struggling to remember where we've been but it's been great. Unfortunately this hotel has restricted our internet allowance so here is the condensed version of our day


Brandenburg Gate ... Sony Centre ... Lego land (ok we only saw the ticket box & a cool giraffe since they have this stupid rule of needing a kid to get in) ... Sections of the Wall ... Checkpoint Charlie ... Made chocolate at Ritter Sport ... Ate chocolate & admired the chocolate creations at Fassbender & Rausch ... Shopped at the traffic light shop ... Holocaust Memorial ... World Clock at Alexanderplatz ... Saw the views from the TV Tower ... Numerous buildings & museums ... So much more ... Finished with a meal at an Aussie Bar which wasn't all that Aussie.

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Train on a Ferry .... Really?!?!

Really a quiet day mostly on the train, however we didn't quite believe the train driver when he told us we were boarding a ferry to get from Denmark to Germany after all we took that long bridge to get from Sweden to Denmark. But all good and it was nice to walk around in the fresh air.


This is on a wall in our hotel

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