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The lion sleeps tonight while we sip beer at the zoo!!

Simba was really sleeping, well dozing more to the point. Pumba was running around not wanting to pose for a pic, Timon well he wasn't there. No we didn't jet off to Africa today just spent some time at the Hamburg Zoo. Properly the best zoo I've been too, great selection of animal and the enclosures were barely noticeable. We made sure to pop into the kangaroos and say g'day mate. Even stumbled across some dinosaurs but there conversational skills were pretty non existent. We came across a kiosk selling beer yes beer inside the zoo, we have discovered anything goes in Hamburg.



Tomorrow we board the train for Poland, my feet & legs are looking forward to a rest day

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From same sex marriage to the Reeperbahn

We walked almost 20km* on foot exploring Hamburg and the things we saw.....

Our great timing saw that we were in Hamburg the same time as the Queen Mary 2 is in dry dock for renovations. The World (largest residential ship) was also in port along with a large number of other cruise passengers.

We crossed under the Elbe River at 21m below surface by foot through the tunnel, where the most dangerous aspect was getting hit by a bicycle (quoted by Birte).


There was a trip to Saint Michaelis where we braved a trip to the top of the bell tower & the crypt but the highlight was attending a wedding. We sat in the church resting our weary feet watching people arrive, how nice a wedding we thought let's sit a bit longer & watch what unfolds during a German wedding, bet his the groom we thought checking out a guy all dressed up, oh the bride must have arrived, how lovely she looks, where did the groom go, hang on the bridesmaid is also wearing a wedding dress & A VEIL! Is this a wedding???? I can now say I have attending a type of wedding a lot of other Australians haven't... A same sex marriage. Needless to say we sat through the whole thing, it wasn't much different to any other wedding.


Again our great timing meant we saw a protest about giving the refugees housing, etc.

An amazing time was had marvelling at the Miniature Wunderland, I think we were only meant to be there an hour, two later... We felt we had travelled the world. The details were amazing, the planes even took off from the airport. I loved how they managed to sneak in some adult only laughs, kinda fitted into our day.


An interesting time was had walking through the Reeperbahn, I may never look at a bum bag, tights & what looked like ugg boots in the same way again. I loved that these girls were standing on the other side of the street outside the police station. We overheard one offering to provide her services to a guy in the Burger King they were standing outside of. We also stumbled across where the Beatles were made famous.


*according to my Garmin watch

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Beer, Fire & Ice 2015 Wrap Up

So home again, plotting & planning the next trip as always.

The last few days in England were a cloud of fog literally, one day you couldn't see far at all. We braved the fog one night to take a trip to the cinema to see the new James Bond movie with the gang.

Anyone wanting to visit Iceland I can not recommend Tour.IS enough, we picked a tour package (car hire, accomodation and basic plan) and added extra days without any hassles, they took care of everything including my stupid questions.
(We did BP17 - Iceland Circle including Snaefellsnes - 10 days with an extra day in Snaefellsnes area)






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Three Woman & a Watermelon Named Wilson

So that is how my day started, a traditional Bavarian breakfast -Yum

The three of us (we picked up Birte's Mum last night) and the watermelon living in Birte's car (now named Wilson) took a road trip to Chiemsee (lake)
We encountered Germany bank holidays traffic (obviously all Germans had the same idea as us)

We explored two of the islands on the lake, tranquil & picturesque

However the highlight was Castle Herrenchiemsee, the sun was beginning to set but as you rounded the corner, the forest opened up and the sun lit up this magnificent building.

The day came to an end, it began to get cold so we headed for home

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Plane Spotting & Surfing

Our day starting with a spot of plane spotting at the Munich Airport only a couple of kilometres walk from Birtes house.

Then we spent the afternoon exploring Munich, starting with a kayak pond in the bottom of a sports store (said store also had climbing walls, places to test you rain & snow jackets and travel wine)

We lunched amongst a forest

Can you believe you can surf in Munich, believe me you can and it's quite easy to loose time watching. You can say it's properly my new favourite sport

We finished the day with Olympic Park where we went up the tower & dragged our tired bodies round the stadium

Total number of steps taken today 27,698 (18.23km) and it's not over yet we've got a trip to the airport to go yet. No wonder I'm tired

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