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Sadako And The Thousand Paper Cranes

Today we explored the Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima, the place is quiet and a lot of memorials to see. My favourite of course the children’s memorial with its beautiful gold crane, surrounded by paper cranes and pictures made of cranes. We also went to the museum, that’s definitely a must do, they’ve done a really good job with the displays. I enjoyed the one about Sadako but they also had a special displays showing drawings by people showing there memories of the atom bomb, they were heart wrenching and worse to me than the photos. Anyway take a moment to think of the victims as you have a look at these photos.






We did stumble across a little shrine so we poked our heads in and glad a look.


Lucky Hiroshima is fairly flat because we’ve walk a long way today some 21,000+ steps but that was because we decided to see the Shukkeien-en Garden. Again an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city outside it’s walls.


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Today we moved across to Himeji, our main aim to see the castle. You could see the castle as you came in on the train, it’s stunning. Thankfully Himeji is fairly flat, exploring the castle however is not. You have to remove your shoes (again thankful to be wearing socks) and climb the stairs often steep & a little slippery in socks. Inside is fairly plain not many displays or anything but the views were good.


We brought a combination ticket which included the Koko-en garden, a serene spot neat to the castle with lovely ponds & quiet areas.


Neither place was too busy but it was a little warm and they did mention it was hot to wear your hat over the loud speaker at the castle.

Bit of down time this afternoon so I’m chilling in front of the tv, what’s on you ask....sumo wrestling of course. Here’s one for you to ponder do sumo wrestlers do there mawashi lines (bikini lines)?

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I Heart Pandas V2.0

Today’s weather forecast was rain & thunder and as you know with travel you have to push on regardless and hope for the best or miss out. Just as well we pushed on because while it was overcast & humid were still waiting for the rain & thunder.

So It turns out I’m a sucker for a panda and when we found out there was one at Kobe Zoo it instantly went on our list, right at the top. Other than a mass of primary aged school kids on an excursion there were few people so we got to view Tan Tan without waiting and he just looked all soft & cuddly. There was kangaroos, emus & Koalas amongst all the usual zoo animals.

After consulting google maps, crossing the road, staring at the signs in Japanese we thought we were at the bus stop going in the right direction, however this Japanese lady who had tried to help Birte with directions came running back telling us we were going the wrong way. So we crossed back over the road & on to the bus, the lovely lady rode with us, then walked us all the way to the wrong railway station. We figured this out when we started moving but didn’t have the heart to tell her so we got to see another part of Kobe.

We did eventually make it to the ropeway and up to the herb garden, there’s also a waterfall viewable from the ropeway. The herb garden was a pretty spot with views over the city. I managed to entertain half of Japan well at least the small tour group whose leader had a microphone, had to think what she was saying while I tried to get into one of the hammocks on the grounds. I’m probably a contender to win Japan’s funniest home videos.

The one thing we decided we should do while we were here is have some Kobe beef, so off we trooped looked at a few menus, settled on one. Well I couldn’t bring myself to part with the cash so I settled on the special a Kobe beef hamburger which came with a few vegetables. Well I’m not sure if it was the beef or something similar to a home cooked meal but it was amazing (it must be good for me to say that about meat).

Since it was getting dark we strolled around the harbour watching the lights.

Sorry for everyone whose written comments I can’t seem to reply but I do read the.

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Hey Hey It’s The Monkeys

Still in Kyoto we decided to go explore Arashiyama with the bamboo Forrest high on our list. Armed with a walking map from the tourist information at the train station off we went.

Our first stop the Tenryu-Ji Temple as we had to pay we decided to just pay to see the garden as we had read it was good & we enjoyed strolling through the peacefulness & laughing at the toilet paper vending machine.

We were heading for another temple and found this little statue garden on the way (we skipped the other temple we had to pay to go in)

So next on the itinerary was the bamboo forest let’s just say I was a bit disappointed, I don’t know it wasn’t quite what I expected.

Turning back we headed to the bridge & the monkey park which was the best bit of the day minus the steep climb. You have to hike up the mountain which well having battled a cold last week & well coming from flat ground was a struggle but I did it. You get to the top and there’s MONKEYS!!! Even cute little baby monkeys, I wanted to take all the monkeys home, your meant to stay 3m away but it’s hard when they just stroll straight past you just about treading on your toe. The view over Kyoto was quite impressive too.

We stumbled across a kimono walk, which was just poles covered in material the look effective.

Now it’s been some 22,000+ steps kinda day, a little warm (like 30 degrees) so a bath was in order (our bath is like 4feet by 1 3/4 feet)
Yes that’s a tv in our bath, nothing much in English but still alright to channel surf while scrunched up in the bath it’s really deep & strangely comfortable)

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Climbing a Meccano Bridge

Fear of heights pushed aside this morning as some stupid idiot (me again) thought it would be cool to climb the Story Bridge "everyone climbs the Sydney Harbour Bridge..." we donned prison like suits and trekked up the bridge. The worst part was the walkway underneath as soon as we were up at car level nerves were overtaken by adrenaline. We climbed over 1,000 steps & rose 80m above sea level and you know what I loved it!!!! It really did look like it was made of Meccano, not sure how I felt about the guys tightening the screws while we were up there.



Fish & chips by the Brisbane River was well I've had better F&C but it was nice sitting by the river. We explored South Bank and even stuck our feet on the 'beach'. Such a nice green space, plenty of playgrounds, grass areas & massive trees but the bit that got me was the number of lizards!!!



Over a pedestrian bridge & into the City Botanical gardens we four went, it was nice & cool and you guessed it more lizards.


  • * credit to Ali for saying the bridge looked like it was made from Meccano

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