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A Proper Chocolate Box Village

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After a weekend of zig zagging across, up, down, who knows where in the south of England we had to head back to Purshall Hall {insert sad face}.

Our morning started with a walk to the lake & through the woods, such a beautiful spot & felt lucky to be allowed to stay at the cottage.


My new favourite place (which is always changing) is New Forest, we drove through the National park so pretty. I’ve also taken a liking to donkeys & well I already loved horses, neither cares even if some idiot in a 4x4 reverses up to them for a photo (not us). The deer where a little more skittish but we got to see a white one.


We even managed to drive past Stonehenge, I do think we had the best view from the car driving past no tourists to deal with.


No words are required for Castle Combe it’s a proper chocolate box village which has apparently been used for movies like War Horse and Downton Abbey. Perfect time of year for a look as there were very few people around.


We’ve seen so much this weekend, some of it was just driving through, some we stopped and didn’t take pictures but all up it’s been a fantastic weekend away.

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Mr Darcy - Found

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This morning we headed to Winchester for a look.

We checked out The Great Hall & Round Table
large_EC041CCF-E667-499B-BAEA-AE143412DACD.jpeg large_44524C9B-A9C1-4941-8383-8A71325D6DB5.jpeg

Wolvesly Castle

Then there was Winchester Cathedral

So after seeing where Jane Austin died & was buried we headed to Chawton to Jane Austin’s house

Here I am in the kids dress ups looking for Mr Darcy

Lucky for me I found Mr Darcy in the gift shop

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English Road Trip - Day 1

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We ventured south Saturday morning through the fog and frost. I made the mistake of replying to what did I want to see with maybe a castle & some rugged coastline, this resulted in something I’m going to refer to as fat camp, so many stairs & let’s not mention the straight up path out. Anyway here’s so pics of Tintagel Castle & Merlin’s Cave.
large_562A689A-7E11-433A-A432-49565ACF6A10.jpeglarge_3240A423-54CC-42AB-94C0-7FE091914138.jpeglarge_C46AE58B-CDEA-41E0-8934-FB2EE952B3BD.jpeglarge_51F57616-A097-4BCF-BE87-175F6B3C3764.jpeglarge_AF803C91-4605-44AD-8500-114EC0530EB9.jpeglarge_51B7B8D4-DAA1-4697-9ED2-A32E2168DFCD.jpeglarge_71988722-9C03-458A-9225-063CEADCF3DA.jpeg large_0AD054DF-4F99-46A8-BFF5-9C12DFC89343.jpeg

This is me trying to take what I thought was the easy way down to the beach (thankfully there’s no proof of me climbing back up the same way)

When in Cornwall…the Cornish pastie the size of my head!

We also checked out the cute village of Port Isaac which if you watch Doc Martin you might know as Portwenn. It was lovely but everything was closed.

Pheasant anyone? We stopped at this farm shop for coffee & cake on our way to the cottage.

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A day in London

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Cashing in our Christmas presents from Ali - Heather, Sally, Ali & I trooped off to london for the day. We had a quick look at Trafalgar Square before lunch at Zedel’s, a lovely French restaurant (if your in london definitely look it up).


A quick walk past some more landmarks, before heading the theatre for Pretty Woman the musical at the Savoy. Again recommend it.


We aren’t practiced selfie takers haha.

Other than running off to London it’s just been relaxing at Purshall Hall, often infront of the fire with my friend Bessie and a dress up dinner with friends, think I managed to pull off an Aussie thanks to Phoebes paints haha. (Must have done a good job on the bundy label fooled a few people).


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Looking For Mr Darcy

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Took a day trip to Chatsworth House today, it’s been on my to see list for a few trips so nice to finally make the trek. The building is amazing when you first see it, we did a tour of the inside which was nice as it still had the Christmas stuff up. Loved the gardens and they had a light trail and cause the sun goes down so early we got to see that. Anyway here are some of the many pictures I took today.


PS we did find Mr Darcy

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