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Baby Shark Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo

Sorry I bet your now singing it like I was after I heard some kid singing it this morning. The weather forecast wasn’t going to be in our favour so we opted to visit the Osaka Aquarium. It was pretty good we saw puffins, penguins having an ice bath, dolphins playing, the whale sharks surveying there tank, little schools of fish, patted a shark & sting ray (I think I can still feel that horrible jelly like skin), I could go on but I’ll let you have a look at these pictures.



Leaving the aquarium the weather wasn’t too bad the odd spot of rain so we jumped on the largest Ferris wheel, in 1997 it was the tallest but has since been over taken. At 112.5m it was enough for me, I was fine until we were about 3/4s of the way up and then it sunk in how high we were but it was ok.


Since we had seen a few other castles we thought we better get a look at the Osaka Castle, we opted not to go in.


Leaving the castle we were stopped by two nervous school girls asking if they could interview us, they asked us a couple of questions, where are you from, favourite food & sport, etc. when done they gave us a nice certificate to say thank you.


We thought we could fit in the Shitenno-ji Temple but they must have closed before we got there, we could still see the temple grounds just not inside.

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Crossing Another One of the List.

Since I read Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes as a child I’ve wanted to visit Hiroshima and today I did. We left Himeji on the Shinkansen after a well needed sleep in, the first left of the train was fine we have reserved seats (if you get a JR Pass go get reserved seats takes a couple of minutes & worth it) but the second leg we didn’t (were talking 2 x 1/2 stints). We had to stand for the first 15 or so minutes before seats became available, it wasn’t too bad cause you knew you didn’t have far to go but.....

We’re staying at the Kawate-ya Hostel for the next few nights and it’s back to capsule bunk beds but the place is relatively new & the people running it seem like friendly people.


For lunch we opted to try what the lady at the hostel suggested now it was left, left & you’ll see the menu. Ok we can do this off we go & yup sure enough there was this little place, it had about 4 tables & well nothing in English. We google translated a couple of the pictures on the wall and went with the noodle soup & curry combo and oh it was good still no real idea what it was but good.

We opted to explore the castle for the afternoon, there is a shrine & a shop in the castle grounds. The castle itself has been rebuild and inside are some displays, however the five flights of stairs to the top wasn’t worth it. I thought we’d get a good view of the Peace Park but no there’s a sports dome in the way.




Tomorrow we’re off to the Peace Park

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Today we moved across to Himeji, our main aim to see the castle. You could see the castle as you came in on the train, it’s stunning. Thankfully Himeji is fairly flat, exploring the castle however is not. You have to remove your shoes (again thankful to be wearing socks) and climb the stairs often steep & a little slippery in socks. Inside is fairly plain not many displays or anything but the views were good.


We brought a combination ticket which included the Koko-en garden, a serene spot neat to the castle with lovely ponds & quiet areas.


Neither place was too busy but it was a little warm and they did mention it was hot to wear your hat over the loud speaker at the castle.

Bit of down time this afternoon so I’m chilling in front of the tv, what’s on you ask....sumo wrestling of course. Here’s one for you to ponder do sumo wrestlers do there mawashi lines (bikini lines)?

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And like that your home again

The last week in England disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Annabel & Andrew were married on Saturday 16 June in a beautiful day (the weather wasn’t always so beautiful but the rain held off until we were all tucked away in the marquee). Us aussies wore our keep calm it’s the aussies shirts the Friday before causing numerous laughs.


With the wedding out of the way we took time to explore nearby which included returning to Jinny Ring for a look and the chance to explore nearby Hanbury Hall.


A trip to the UK is not complete without a trip to the Cotswolds and a cream tea in Broadway but to mix it up we took a look at Sudeley Castle.


And that’s a wrap from this trip, time to plan new adventures


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Chasing Mary & A Kid in a Lego Shop

Here is your picture of the Little a Mermaid from the front

We've spent the day exploring Royal Residences or as I like to call it chasing Princess Mary. We started by walking through the middle of Amalienborg, Mary & Fred's digs it was like you could walk up to the front door of either house.


Before we started our tour, first stop Kronborg Castle otherwise known as Hamlets Castle.


We had a 10 minute stop for ice cream sorry I mean to see the Danish Royals Summer Palace Fredensborg Palace, we weren't allowed too close.


Our final stop on the tour was to Fredericksburg Castle which has been turned into a museum, stunning garden


We managed to fit in a trip to the Lego Shop, I was like a kid in a Lego Shop -didn't know where to look you could build your own Lego man, there was Lego pick n mix, you (well maybe kids) could play & so much lego I wanted to stay.


Ps Apparently Mary & Fred are on holidays in Greenland guess they didn't get the memo bout coffee

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