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Why Do I Do It To Myself???

Well I tried to do several tours here in Shark Bay & they just got cancelled due to not enough numbers...that’s life so I got a lie in. I just chilled at camp reading this morning.


Then I migrated to the beach for a little swim.


I got lunch at the cafe & sat in the park with my book for a bit.


Chilled some more at camp, wandered down for my sunset cruise. Seriously why do I go on these things I don’t even like boats!?!?! Guess the guy selling it to me felt bad since they’d cancelled 3 trips already he had to sell me something. Anyway the sunset was nice, we saw dolphins & a sea snake.





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We Will Remember Them

So the one day I think I’ll get up early & go to the Anzac dawn service is the one morning I sleep to 6am.... lucky for me they had an 11 o’clock service, so I went to that instead.



Before I start harping on about what I did today I’ll take your breath away with last nights sunset.


I know amazing right!

Right so today what did I do today???? I don’t know???? slept in, went for a walk, sweated through the Anzac service, took a dip in the pool, a swim in the ocean, chilled, oh treated myself to fish & chips for lunch, pizza for tea (budget blown back to cheese sandwiches & pasta tomorrow), watched the sunset....can’t really think of much to tell you the truth so here’s a couple pics from today.






Ps only think the cost of everything & the humidity is the only thing that’ll send me home

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Grugs Aussie Cousins

As a kid I had a book about Grug and honestly it’s all I can think of when I see these any hills.


Was a tad misty this morning.


Today had a are we there yet theme as I drove from Exmouth to Denham, it’s a long road and there can’t be a camper van, camper, caravan, boat, kayak.... left in Perth cause they’re all heading north. Anyway I eventually made it to Shark Bay where it seems the ocean & the sky blend into one another.

I did the usual tourist selfies {insert eye roll but it did help break up the journey}



There was a stop at shell beach which was pretty cool.




Now I think I’ll pour myself a drink & relax in my little hideaway.


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When in Carnarvon...

Ok let me be honest I don’t like bananas, I don’t know is it the texture or the taste I don’t like, so the only banana I’ll eat normally is of the lolly kind but for some reason I thought I had to try a chocolate coated frozen banana from Bumbaks. Like it was ok while it was frozen but once it started to defrost...I’m sad to say & I feel so guilty I put about 2/3s in the bin well after eating most of the chocolate of it.


Just a quiet day around Carnarvon really

A chilled started to the day, I did get out of bed to make my coffee

A trip to the cultural centre, followed by an art exhibition at the library

A better look at the cactus garden

How amazing would this look in full bloom as a backdrop

A picnic & stroll along the Fascine to say I’ve done some exercise today, before heading back to some housework & feet up.

3.15pm is the new 5 o’clock isn’t it? (Picked up some fresh limes at Morels, along with some gorgeous rocket, the herbs looked amazing too)


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