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Shorts & Lilly White Legs

The suns out!!! I’ve got one tshirt on as opposed to two and a jumper.

After I little bit of a lazy start I hit the road out of town to Two Peoples Bay. I stopped off at the visitors centre where I ended up walking one of the trails (no hat, no camera, no water) lucky it was only a couple kilometres. But to my surprise I managed to see six enamel orchids & a leopard? Sun orchid so worth it (plus I didn’t want my body to get too used to flat ground just yet).


Next stop … the whole purpose of today’s drive … Little Beach. WOW just love the colour of the water, bit too much wave action for me to run back up & put my bathers on but after the initial shock of the cool water I was happy to paddle.


I detoured back to town via The Old Marron Farm for lunch, followed by Nanarup Beach, Ledge Beach, Ledge Point & Gull Rock.


Now to relax before my afternoon walk on the beach.

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What Happened To The Big Prawn???

So on the tourist map I picked up at the tourist information it mentions the big prawn I’ve been driving round for days wondering where this big prawn is. Well today I found it well I found it’s base, someone was obviously hungry & took it away, I’ve been driving past it all week!!!!


As usual I was wide awake before the sun woke up but how nice is it to lay in bed & watch it rise whilst reading my book, now If I could just get a coffee delivery I’ld be happy.


Whilst been the laziest person this morning (I had no where to be ok) I saw my pics from the whale shark swim had been loaded, so many amazing pic but here’s one of a whale shark & I’m in the other two (so planned on doing thumbs up or ok but I dunno I was caught up in the moment.




Decided since I was going to be lazy I would treat myself to breakfast, cause you know juice boxes & breakfast biscuits create a lot of dishes. Followed by a wander through the shops, my favourite Gallery 6707 & if you’ve got a spare $2,500 ild love the turtle photo, thanks.

There was a couple of beaches close to town I hadn’t yet explored so I packed my bathers & towel and headed out, practically had the place to myself so I had a few dips & laid on the sand with my book.


Washed the sand off in an almost deserted caravan park pool, I discovered the pool by the gate is more adults only & not as busy = perfect the one closest to me always seems to be packed.


Last stop other than you know the adult stuff of fuel, shopping, washing, etc was the Aquarium, not so much aquarium as museum. There were a few tanks, another amazing photo display & some information. I decided since I slept through cyclone Seroja ild have a go at cyclone Vance.




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Beach Hopping

So a quick stop at visitors centre & next thing I knew I was heading towards Yardie Creek on the North West Cape.

Stop one was Yardie Creek, I couldn’t book the boat tour but I did the hike well the grade 1 hike & part of the grade 4 hike until I realised how sore I was from yesterday & how if I made it down & up that creek crossing I wasn’t sure I’ld make it on the return trek plus its was hot & humid.


And what do you do on the hour & half journey back to town stretch it out to 6 hours. Basically I went beach hoping, stopped in at most places, sometimes I just drove in the car park & others I went for a paddle.


Ready for beach spam I narrowed it down to my favs






I ended up pulling into a random little beach at sunset, great decision I ended up with a whole beach to myself well except my little turtle friends who every so often would pop up to check on me (more beach spam)



There’s a turtle in this one


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On The Road Again, Just Couldn’t Wait To Get On The Road...

So the time came to leave the comfort of Carnarvon & head further north, I felt I had seen all I wanted to see.

I ducked into Coral Bay for lunch and a swim, I even went out so my shoulders were under water so nice.



Pretty unexciting drive, bit of roadworks & Exmouth seems busier than Carnarvon but here I am all settled, enjoying cocktail hour for the next few days.



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Woman should wear sports bras when visiting Fraser Island

Researching tours of Fraser Island & came across the tip that women should wear sports bras...well you know that properly wouldn't have been a bad idea and that was before we even got on to the barge to get to Fraser.

I fell in love with Fraser, it was an amazing day and can not thank the guys at Fraser Island Adventure Tours enough for a great day.

I thought for a while the most exciting wildlife I was going to see was a dead turtle (at least as we bounced past it I think it was a turtle) and a few washed up jelly fish. I was nearly able to say I wasn't eaten by a dingo cause I didn't see one but on our way back to barge there he was ... a dingo!!!! I could deal with missing whales & dolphins but I really wanted to see a dingo.

We took a dip at the stunning (actually the whole island was stunning) Lake Birtabeen. Had the best tour lunch, a BBQ & wine at Central Station. Marvelled at the Maheno shipwreck. Admired the Pinnacles (nothing like the WA ones). And back for a dip at Eli Creek.

By my watch we've done 26534 steps or 18.7km pretty sure I've only done about 6000 steps if I'm lucky.


Now we're winding our way up to Bundy for the weekend

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