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Shorts & Lilly White Legs

The suns out!!! I’ve got one tshirt on as opposed to two and a jumper.

After I little bit of a lazy start I hit the road out of town to Two Peoples Bay. I stopped off at the visitors centre where I ended up walking one of the trails (no hat, no camera, no water) lucky it was only a couple kilometres. But to my surprise I managed to see six enamel orchids & a leopard? Sun orchid so worth it (plus I didn’t want my body to get too used to flat ground just yet).


Next stop … the whole purpose of today’s drive … Little Beach. WOW just love the colour of the water, bit too much wave action for me to run back up & put my bathers on but after the initial shock of the cool water I was happy to paddle.


I detoured back to town via The Old Marron Farm for lunch, followed by Nanarup Beach, Ledge Beach, Ledge Point & Gull Rock.


Now to relax before my afternoon walk on the beach.

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My Body Is Thankful for Some Flat Ground

Was awake early & decided to get into the shower before all the teenagers on camp took over the bathrooms so I thought ild smash out a walk along the waters edge. Oh pretty flat ground how I’ve missed you and oops I walked into a cafe and stayed for breakfast.


I only wore one layer for most of the day as opposed to at least three and the skies were blue. However it was a cold dash to the toilet before bed last night it was 5.8 but felt like 2.4 at 10pm.

So the rest of the day went a little like this…took a stroll through the Anzac Peace Park


Ended up at Albany CBH


Boarded Brig Amity and managed not to hit my head as I crawled the lower decks


Got educated at the Museum of The Great Southern


Continued the historical theme with a trip to the Old Gaol


I was over history by the time I got to Patrick Taylor Cottage Museum I just looked at the outside


And this is where you’ll find me for the rest of the day …. Ok I have to go get my laundry & I’ll prob go stick my feet in the ocean but for now it’s feet up in the sun


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The Wind Blows Straight Off The Antarctic

This morning I thought breakfast might be the highlight of the day when I decided it was too wet to cook my own and headed to Mrs Jones’s Cafe. I had woken up to drizzly miserable weather, great weather to be packing up & putting your shade down in. Worst rolling up of the shade, stuff strewn across the back of the car I hit the road.

I took the Lower Demark Road and stumbled across Lowlands Beach.


Followed by Mutton Bird Beach


And then I ended up in Albany, restocked, set up camp, sorted the car back to how it should be, walked on the beach & now freezing. I managed to survive winter without buying new trackypants but today I found the only pair I could buy in Kmart….it’s freezing.


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Where The Desert Meets The Sea

Well today I thought I had booked a morning tour, turns out the booking system at the Shark Bay Visitors Centre isn’t great but the kind Janine at Naturetime Tours took pity on me & took me on an afternoon tour of Francois Perron National Park but first I wandered around town, took all of 5 mins to visit the shops, followed by a paddle in the ocean (not sure how I feel about swimming after learning about stonefish & all the other nasties at the aquarium yesterday).


I sweated it out at camp (the thought of attempting to put my bathers on my sweaty body was a workout I didn’t feel like)


Before Janine picked me up and away we went into the red. The contrast between the red dirt & the ocean was just amazing & the photos do not do it justice.







Even saw a turtle!


Janine was full of information (just don’t ask me to remember any of it) so the time on the road was filled in with chatter. She did manage to find someone else so I wasn’t the only one on the tour. The highlight also the lowlight we found a thorny mountain devil however he had been run over {insert sad face} he was still breathing but I don’t think he would make it.


Last stop we just viewed Little Lagoon because how amazing was the combination of still water & the sunset.


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We Will Remember Them

So the one day I think I’ll get up early & go to the Anzac dawn service is the one morning I sleep to 6am.... lucky for me they had an 11 o’clock service, so I went to that instead.



Before I start harping on about what I did today I’ll take your breath away with last nights sunset.


I know amazing right!

Right so today what did I do today???? I don’t know???? slept in, went for a walk, sweated through the Anzac service, took a dip in the pool, a swim in the ocean, chilled, oh treated myself to fish & chips for lunch, pizza for tea (budget blown back to cheese sandwiches & pasta tomorrow), watched the sunset....can’t really think of much to tell you the truth so here’s a couple pics from today.






Ps only think the cost of everything & the humidity is the only thing that’ll send me home

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