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I Fed A Dolphin- That’s All Today

I remember seeing pictures of Monkey Mia as a kid & thinking that’s cool, well today was my turn to visit. I made the 20 or so minute trek so ild be there for the first feed well provided the dolphins were going to play the game today. I stood patiently while all the other rude people pushed forward when they did turn up (what social distancing?) for the first feed & I will admit I was a little disappointed when the couple next to me got picked to feed the dolphins. So I spied a cafe & joined the long line for a coffee & muffin.

This guy tried his hardest to steal my muffin but managed to get the cookie off the neighbours plate.

The dolphins came in a second time, this time I thought ild watch from the jetty prob a better view. Less people around so I thought I’ll go get my iPad from the car finish my book if they come in before I finish my book awesome if not I’ll hit the road. Well third time lucky I got picked to feed Piccolo, her baby Pan was right beside her. In my excitement of feeding her I didn’t think to ask anyone to take a photo but never mind I have the memory and a pretty close photo. So ready for dolphin spam .... too bad here it is




I did try to pick my favs.

Heading back to town my next stop was Francois Perron Park I only went as far as the homestead (need 4wd to go further & the Rav & I know our limits). Still a nice little explore & I had all intentions of jumping in the hot tub easing all those tired sore muscles but it’s like 30 out & boiling point in. I stuck a foot in decided been boiled alive was not an option so nothing else went it.



Lucky for me Little Lagoon isn’t far away so a quick dip there cooled me off before heading back into town for a quick dip at the beach & a picnic lunch (pretty sure I never want to see another rocket & cheese roll again or pasta for that matter).



There’s a little viewing platform where you can see the water flow through the mangroves into the lagoon. There’s a cow something ray in this pic.


Headed out of town the other way out to Ocean Park Aquarium, it’s not a big place but you get to see these cool little critters plus a few sharks. My favourites were these Longhorn Cowfish, honestly they looked like little bulls, they had that bull attitude so cute & funny (I’ve got a video but it won’t load so Google them)




Found the Thong Shack on my way back.


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What Happened To The Big Prawn???

So on the tourist map I picked up at the tourist information it mentions the big prawn I’ve been driving round for days wondering where this big prawn is. Well today I found it well I found it’s base, someone was obviously hungry & took it away, I’ve been driving past it all week!!!!


As usual I was wide awake before the sun woke up but how nice is it to lay in bed & watch it rise whilst reading my book, now If I could just get a coffee delivery I’ld be happy.


Whilst been the laziest person this morning (I had no where to be ok) I saw my pics from the whale shark swim had been loaded, so many amazing pic but here’s one of a whale shark & I’m in the other two (so planned on doing thumbs up or ok but I dunno I was caught up in the moment.




Decided since I was going to be lazy I would treat myself to breakfast, cause you know juice boxes & breakfast biscuits create a lot of dishes. Followed by a wander through the shops, my favourite Gallery 6707 & if you’ve got a spare $2,500 ild love the turtle photo, thanks.

There was a couple of beaches close to town I hadn’t yet explored so I packed my bathers & towel and headed out, practically had the place to myself so I had a few dips & laid on the sand with my book.


Washed the sand off in an almost deserted caravan park pool, I discovered the pool by the gate is more adults only & not as busy = perfect the one closest to me always seems to be packed.


Last stop other than you know the adult stuff of fuel, shopping, washing, etc was the Aquarium, not so much aquarium as museum. There were a few tanks, another amazing photo display & some information. I decided since I slept through cyclone Seroja ild have a go at cyclone Vance.




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Baby Shark Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo

Sorry I bet your now singing it like I was after I heard some kid singing it this morning. The weather forecast wasn’t going to be in our favour so we opted to visit the Osaka Aquarium. It was pretty good we saw puffins, penguins having an ice bath, dolphins playing, the whale sharks surveying there tank, little schools of fish, patted a shark & sting ray (I think I can still feel that horrible jelly like skin), I could go on but I’ll let you have a look at these pictures.



Leaving the aquarium the weather wasn’t too bad the odd spot of rain so we jumped on the largest Ferris wheel, in 1997 it was the tallest but has since been over taken. At 112.5m it was enough for me, I was fine until we were about 3/4s of the way up and then it sunk in how high we were but it was ok.


Since we had seen a few other castles we thought we better get a look at the Osaka Castle, we opted not to go in.


Leaving the castle we were stopped by two nervous school girls asking if they could interview us, they asked us a couple of questions, where are you from, favourite food & sport, etc. when done they gave us a nice certificate to say thank you.


We thought we could fit in the Shitenno-ji Temple but they must have closed before we got there, we could still see the temple grounds just not inside.

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