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Everest Still Isn’t on the List

Today I thought ild go check out the Stirling Range well I made it to Bluff Knoll and that is as far as I got. I stood at the lookout and next thing I knew I was hiking it. I don’t know what ran through my mind a 6.2km return basically up stairs the whole way was not! But you know what with everyone’s encouragement I DID IT!!! I MADE THE SUMMIT OF BLUFF KNOLL all 1095m above sea level in 5 hours 10 minutes (they only recommend it’ll take 3-4 hours). What kept me going other than all the encouraging words of people overtaking me or on the way day about 2/3s of the way up I found out there was an 83 year old guy who was going to attempt the summit. If he could do it so could I. I did it, I have no plans to hike again or even look at a mountain unless it’s by chopper, lift, cable car…..
Here’s the journey (in no particular order)


I detoured a little further to see The Lily since it was after 5 I decided not to go in


After chatting to the wives/friends/family of the 83 year old I stopped where they told me I could find some butterfly orchids. There was no way I was going to make it up the road verge with my jelly legs so I looked on the other side of the road & found this


I took the scenic route home through the range on a road that was made of ball bearings while dodging roos, pretty sure it was the long way too.

Ps I’m still waiting for the endorphins to kick in.

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I’ve Become That Girl ….

…the one who trades her pj bottoms for tights, throws a jumper over her pj top & walks barefoot to the beach. Will miss my beach walks.


I finally left Albany after a coffee & cake & headed for the Porongurups. Someone (me) thought it was a brilliant idea to hike The Nancy Peak circuit (the idea been I had done Castle Rock years ago ild try something else) 5.5km of pain! I’m not sure my feet will ever recover from all the rocks I’ve walked over, my ankles all the odd angles I put them at, my legs may never carry my uphill again, the rest of me is gonna hurt but it’s fine it’s a bit like sitting in an ice bath outside at the moment. And I’m sure I hit the summit at least three times, everytime I thought this is it ild find another incline & rock to climb. However I did it with a smile on my face at the end when the endorphins kicked in (and I was on flat ground).




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Don’t Wander Off The Track

Mum may have told me not to wander off the tracks …. So what do I do pull up on the side of the road cause something caught my eye a few meters into the bush. The something ….
Ok it was the purple enamel orchid that caught my eye but I managed to find three orchids in total today on my explorations around Collie.

The caravan park had given me a few maps and one had a trail for out of town so off I went with no real plan, I only got lost/took a wrong turn/turned to early four times that’s not bad I think.

There was Minninup Pool

Black Diamond Lake

St David’s Church

Potters Gorge

Wellington Dam (recommend a BLT from the cafe)
The mural is amazing but my tip don’t walk around with your camera ‘She looks like a photographer’ I ended up taking several groups of ladies pics for them.



Watched some mining at Shovel 6
(I’m there for size comparison)

And finally Stockton Lake

I might go for a walk around town in a bit if I feel like it.

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Where The Desert Meets The Sea

Well today I thought I had booked a morning tour, turns out the booking system at the Shark Bay Visitors Centre isn’t great but the kind Janine at Naturetime Tours took pity on me & took me on an afternoon tour of Francois Perron National Park but first I wandered around town, took all of 5 mins to visit the shops, followed by a paddle in the ocean (not sure how I feel about swimming after learning about stonefish & all the other nasties at the aquarium yesterday).


I sweated it out at camp (the thought of attempting to put my bathers on my sweaty body was a workout I didn’t feel like)


Before Janine picked me up and away we went into the red. The contrast between the red dirt & the ocean was just amazing & the photos do not do it justice.







Even saw a turtle!


Janine was full of information (just don’t ask me to remember any of it) so the time on the road was filled in with chatter. She did manage to find someone else so I wasn’t the only one on the tour. The highlight also the lowlight we found a thorny mountain devil however he had been run over {insert sad face} he was still breathing but I don’t think he would make it.


Last stop we just viewed Little Lagoon because how amazing was the combination of still water & the sunset.


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I Fed A Dolphin- That’s All Today

I remember seeing pictures of Monkey Mia as a kid & thinking that’s cool, well today was my turn to visit. I made the 20 or so minute trek so ild be there for the first feed well provided the dolphins were going to play the game today. I stood patiently while all the other rude people pushed forward when they did turn up (what social distancing?) for the first feed & I will admit I was a little disappointed when the couple next to me got picked to feed the dolphins. So I spied a cafe & joined the long line for a coffee & muffin.

This guy tried his hardest to steal my muffin but managed to get the cookie off the neighbours plate.

The dolphins came in a second time, this time I thought ild watch from the jetty prob a better view. Less people around so I thought I’ll go get my iPad from the car finish my book if they come in before I finish my book awesome if not I’ll hit the road. Well third time lucky I got picked to feed Piccolo, her baby Pan was right beside her. In my excitement of feeding her I didn’t think to ask anyone to take a photo but never mind I have the memory and a pretty close photo. So ready for dolphin spam .... too bad here it is




I did try to pick my favs.

Heading back to town my next stop was Francois Perron Park I only went as far as the homestead (need 4wd to go further & the Rav & I know our limits). Still a nice little explore & I had all intentions of jumping in the hot tub easing all those tired sore muscles but it’s like 30 out & boiling point in. I stuck a foot in decided been boiled alive was not an option so nothing else went it.



Lucky for me Little Lagoon isn’t far away so a quick dip there cooled me off before heading back into town for a quick dip at the beach & a picnic lunch (pretty sure I never want to see another rocket & cheese roll again or pasta for that matter).



There’s a little viewing platform where you can see the water flow through the mangroves into the lagoon. There’s a cow something ray in this pic.


Headed out of town the other way out to Ocean Park Aquarium, it’s not a big place but you get to see these cool little critters plus a few sharks. My favourites were these Longhorn Cowfish, honestly they looked like little bulls, they had that bull attitude so cute & funny (I’ve got a video but it won’t load so Google them)




Found the Thong Shack on my way back.


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