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Iceland is magical

Today was my last driving day, copilot tomorrow for our last day with the car.

Big day driving today, just about waved off by the nice lady at Stykkisholmur we headed down the west of Iceland.

First stop Deildartunguhver, the largest hot spring in Europe before heading to more waterfalls



Zigzagging up the cost we could see Reykjavik but headed inland to Thingvellir National Park, where you can clearly see the continental drift. There was several waterfalls, streams with trout and towering rock faces.

Tonight were on the farm, I mean really on a working farm I can hear the tractor drive past as I write this. We are in a little set of rooms with the mountain & glacier in the background, views in all directions, great ice cream & looking forward to breakfast which will be overlooking the cows.

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Rain rain go away and take the wind with you

Weather turned to complete s--- today, rain, strong winds, didn't want to let up so it stopped us seeing some of the places along the Snaefellsnes Peninsula (insert sad face) but that's life.

We managed to see the Skardsvik beach before it started raining, love the rocks of lava sitting on the edge like coal, where the black sand blends with the white, even the drive in looked pretty.







So really we drove round the peninsula battling the strong winds & beating rain back to where we started at Stykkisholmur where our kind land lady made us hot coffee and we settled in to the sitting room with our iPads.

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Northern lights at Stykkisholmur

This is the second time we've been lucky to see the northern lights AMAZING





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Let it snow!!

So I set off in the drivers seat this morning not expecting it to snow. Ok it wasn't a lot of snow but it still snowed and there was some on the road

We drove up to Hvammstangi in hope of seals at the seal centre instead we found hot chocolate and a fish drying display

It was a beautiful day to be on the road (it was drizzling rain most of it) until we hit what they call a gravel road, I call it a potholed mess. There are so many potholes there's no way to drive around them (this is a good patch of road)
We saw some locals crossing the road
And this is what the car looks like after driving through millions of potholes

Tonight were in a village called Stykkisholmur, were there's pretty houses & an interesting church

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A whale of a time.....

....For everyone but me it turns out. Dressed like the Michelin man, on a boat in the rough seas, frozen, I tried hard not to feed the fishes (for the record I didn't either) while whale watching. But it was all made worth it we saw not one whale but two, a humpback & a minke. Photos aren't the best but it is hard to capture photos while gripping the rail.

While on the subject of photos we got to see the northern lights last night, I had studied up how to photograph them....waste of time my photos are all black but Birte managed to catch this one

Because we haven't quite had enough of waterfalls we took a detour to see Godafoss

We decided to stop in Akureyri for a burger and this is what a $30 dollar burger looks like, it tasted great
Sharing the love through there traffic lights

We cruised through the icing sugar dusted mountains to our hotel for the night

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