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Following in the Footsteps of my Ancestors

In the 1860s my great x 3 grandfather August Grandell took a ship from Abo (which is now more common ally known as Turku, Finland) he got to Australia and jumped ship.
In 2014 Mum & me took the overnight Viking Line ferry from Turku instead of jumping ship we disembarked the ship in Stockholm.
Watching sunset on the boat
Goodbye Finland.....we love you

Before we boarded the boat we spent time exploring the Turku city centre mostly by foot, there was the Market Hall, the Cathedral, the river, hiking to find a windmill, laughing at crazy yoga statues, taking a tour of the city by a road train (train that goes on the road, just in case you thought we were in a truck), steps & more steps.
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Footsore in Turku, Finland

This morning we said goodbye to the beautiful Tampere and jumped on a train headed to Turku.
Then we walked & walked & climbed stairs & took a wrong turn & walked but somehow we made it to destination number one ... The Luostarinmaki Handicrafts Museum. Before you start thinking we went to look at crocheting & knitting from the dark ages I'll tell you what it is. The outdoors museum is made up of 200 year old cottages that stand on there original sites, you are given a glimpse of days gone by when you visit the watch maker, post office, tobacco shop, wig maker & many more. This place is amazing, some of the places had people undertaking the jobs from that era, many willing to chat & show you what they were doing if they knew English.

Walking to the harbour was a great idea at the time (so was walking back to the hotel) I'm sure it's miles but you can't say were not getting our exercise. We went to see the Turku Castle, we opted to buy tickets & explore inside the castle. Well I feel like I've been up and down stairs, round & round in circles dozens of times but it was fascinating, they had many displays and a number of rooms set up.

Finally decided it was cool enough (we have a room with an air con!) and our last change to buy some of my favourite Finnish chocolate, sorry this will not be making it home you know with the hot weather & all ; )

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A Summer Place in Tampere

Other than attend Hanna & Dave's wedding we have explored some of Tampere, we were lucky to be treated to a city bus tour by Hanna & Dave yesterday while they had photos it was a great way to see the city. However before the wedding we hiked out to see the Pyynikki Tower, the suburb views over the lakes was well worth the climb. The reward (other than the view) was a coffee & special donut = yum!
Today we were treated to lunch and an afternoon at Hanna's families summer cottage, a stunning spot with a wooden house on the lake. Words & pictures do not do this place justice but it was nice to spend the afternoon sitting by the lake, feet in the water chatting to friends. I don't think anyone wanted to leave!

Sunset or sunrise in Tampere from our hotel window

Pyynikki Tower, view & Forrest surrounding

The summer house

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A Finnish Wedding in Tampere

Yesterday was the wedding of good friends Hanna & Dave in Tampere, Finland
The weather was perfect....hot & humid
We started in the Old Church where the ceremony was in both Finnish & English, some aspects were the same as an Australian wedding others different.
We were treated to an hour long city tour by bus why the bridal party went for photos, a great way to see the city.
Finally we boarded a boat to the reception, a beautiful venue overlooking the lake. The reception again was in Finnish & English with lots of laughs. The night was rounded out with dancing & a bus trip home not sure if you say we got home at sunrise or sunset but finally it got dark not really dark but dark.

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A Day of Rest

Today we had a rest day, ok truth we were travelling most of the day. We took the train from Rovaniemi to Tampere with a little stretch on a bus due to rail works. It was nice just to sit back & watch Finland flash by, the scenery was beautiful so different to home. We past lakes, wildflowers which are properly weeds to the Finnish, moose crossing signs or maybe they were elk, red buildings, through towns, think I might enjoy this train business :)
It's nearly midnight and the sun has finally dipped below the horizon not sure if it is sunrise or sunset

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