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Should Have Gone To The Spa!!

I'm exhausted, tried to roll my ankle, was shat on not once but twice by pigeons (serious note of warning do not stand under power lines) and I got lost - yes laugh all you want I'm sure I will be tomorrow when I sipping cocktails by the pool or having a massage

Ill set the scene......I arrived at the hotel about midday after a crazy taxi ride, very tired (haven't been sleeping well in the last week topped with a couple hours broken plane sleep) and I know better no sleeping until bed time so the sneakers stayed on and off I went on a little explore. In that one hour I was out I discovered there are a lot of friendly Asian mostly males (next time I'll wear a sandwich board advising you I'm from Australia, Western Australia you know there a whole other side to the east coast) and our humid week did nothing to prepare me. I didn't go too far, didn't brave crossing the road but enough to stretch my legs, roll my ankle on uneven ground & get some air (it's not fresh). An hour or so later I got brave and went again this time I asked for a map (well that was next to useless) I figured if I can get across this first road alive I'll be fine. I managed to stumble across an old fort which is where I was kind of going the rest I stumbled upon by pure chance, I got lost but lucky I seem to have a good sense of direction and after a lot of detours I found my way back to the hotel.

Here's some pics of my day

"take off take off"
Sunrise over the sunflower garden at Singapore Airport
caption=Selfie with the blue m&m

Im now going to order room service open a drink & watch the BBC news for the third time......

Ps Bangkok photos will be in separate post me & the iPad are not agreeing

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