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My Body Is Thankful for Some Flat Ground

Was awake early & decided to get into the shower before all the teenagers on camp took over the bathrooms so I thought ild smash out a walk along the waters edge. Oh pretty flat ground how I’ve missed you and oops I walked into a cafe and stayed for breakfast.


I only wore one layer for most of the day as opposed to at least three and the skies were blue. However it was a cold dash to the toilet before bed last night it was 5.8 but felt like 2.4 at 10pm.

So the rest of the day went a little like this…took a stroll through the Anzac Peace Park


Ended up at Albany CBH


Boarded Brig Amity and managed not to hit my head as I crawled the lower decks


Got educated at the Museum of The Great Southern


Continued the historical theme with a trip to the Old Gaol


I was over history by the time I got to Patrick Taylor Cottage Museum I just looked at the outside


And this is where you’ll find me for the rest of the day …. Ok I have to go get my laundry & I’ll prob go stick my feet in the ocean but for now it’s feet up in the sun


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Honestly I Thought I’ld Been Shot

Somehow I managed to spend the entire day at Torndirrup National Park. My body tells me I’ve been up a lot of steps & inclines that it’s not used to.

My first stop for the day was the Wind Farm, I decided it must have been a cold night & the turbines didn’t really want to wake up. Number one did have a little go at going while I was walking the track, quite amazing to stand under one & look up at it moving.


I looked at Cable Beach decided it was nothing like Broome I didn’t need to go down to it (stairs, totally over stairs & the day had just started).


Standing along on the platform at The Gap & there was a bang, I waited for the platform to break, nah it was just a wave hitting the rock. Let’s put it this way I didn’t stay there long after that, I did hear it so if again as I was half way to the Natural Bridge.


Right I told myself ild take the 70 odd steps to the blowholes they’ve got to be like the ones at Quobba hey? I don’t know about you but hanging off the side of a cliff was not appealing to me, especially when I had the whole place to myself. I did creep down a bit, could hear them decided that was enough & crept back up the rock. Turns out I was at the right place they just weren’t really blowing. ***would not recommend taking kids here***


By now it’s getting close to lunch & I’ve already googled there’s a cafe at the Whaling Station. I kinda regret my choice to eat before doing the whaling station, first place a go is a photography exhibit on the stations hey day, yup you guessed it, queasy. Actually the whole place as interesting as it was made me feel queasy & bad, I’m sure the oil is still there in the floorboards. I also dragged myself round the garden & wildlife park.


Then I meandered back towards town picking up the places I missed.

Frenchman’s Bay


Goode Beach


Misery Beach, I’m assuming it’s something to do with the Anzacs or whaling but it was a beautiful beach, I was tempted to strip off & jump in. Lucky I didn’t as a Parks & Wildlife guy came along as I was on my way back to the carpark.


Salmon Holes


Stony Hill


Jimmy Newells


Sharp Point


And back to the park via Dog Rock (I needed supplies & that was a close Woolies)


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The Wind Blows Straight Off The Antarctic

This morning I thought breakfast might be the highlight of the day when I decided it was too wet to cook my own and headed to Mrs Jones’s Cafe. I had woken up to drizzly miserable weather, great weather to be packing up & putting your shade down in. Worst rolling up of the shade, stuff strewn across the back of the car I hit the road.

I took the Lower Demark Road and stumbled across Lowlands Beach.


Followed by Mutton Bird Beach


And then I ended up in Albany, restocked, set up camp, sorted the car back to how it should be, walked on the beach & now freezing. I managed to survive winter without buying new trackypants but today I found the only pair I could buy in Kmart….it’s freezing.


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Hiking boots + beach sand + rock + rain = wet butt

Where & what have I done today other than get wet….

Ocean Beach

Mcgearys Rock

Black Rocks

Sinker Bay

Monkey Rock where I took the hike to the top (feel so unfit with hills) but didn’t stay long you could see the rain coming in.





Lights Beach

Coffee & Chocolate at the Denmark Chocolate Company

Then a stroll in the rain along Green Pool

I not so gracefully descended off a rock at Waterfall Beach, thankfully I was the only one there & it was onto sand & not the ocean. Still hurt my pride & had to sit through lunch with a wet butt.

After talking to my neighbours this morning I stopped in at the Food Factory for a burger & cider. Well worth the stop & I will recommend the Crazy Crab & chips (sorry thought I had taken a photo but no idea what happened to it)

On the way back to town I thought ild have another go at William Bay since it wasn’t so wet. My poor legs couldn’t handle anymore stairs so I didn’t go to beach level at Elephant Rocks but I can see how they got there name from the top.


Of course as soon as I pull back up in the caravan park the rain stops & the sun occasionally pokes through the clouds. Probably a good thing to sit & chill cause I’m not sure my legs can even carry me to the toilets hahaha

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Dodging Showers

It’s not good when you wake up & read the forecast and it goes something like rain & possible thunderstorm….oh well I’m still going to Walpole. So I spent the day dodging the rain.

I just drove in the general direction of Walpole & stopped at whatever took my fancy like Peaceful Bay.


And then Conspicuous Bay

I did climb the lookout & feel totally unfit.

I drove around a drive trail by the water, checked out town and then hit every pothole on the Tingle Drive but hey I got to see the Giant Tingle Tree & Circular Pool.



And then I felt like a coffee, thought ild find one at the tree top walk, get there coffee van in luck…closed! So I did the tree top walk not once but twice just cause I could.


I also did the Forrest Walk where I saw Grandma Tingle & a spider orchid just hanging out on the edge of the path.


Now I’m hiding in the camp kitchen (which is no warmer than my car) avoiding the rain.

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