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Hey I’m back on the travel road!

What a year it’s been, if plans from 18 months ago came to fruition I should be thinking about a return trip to Japan instead I had to cancel a trip over east (thanks Covid), never got to the German Christmas markets last year & in its place I did a 6 day road trip down south. Everyone laughs at me I struggle to plan a trip where I’m in my own car, driving on the right side of the road & fluently speak the language, well sometimes yet I can jump on a plane & go overseas with ease. But here I am doing a bucketlist trip I always thought ild take with visiting overseas friends.

Thanks to Cyclone Seroja (what’s going to ruin my next years holiday? Alien invasion?) I had to the 8+ hour drive to Carnarvon without breaking it up Port Gregory. The drive was nice & very few road trains, caravans is a whole other story, you could see the spots were the cyclone left a path of destruction. What I want to know why were the road signs always flattened on the right hand side of the road?

After the long drive yesterday I thought ild try a long walk, some 5km round trip which turned into 7km all up. I took the tramway walk to the 1 mile jetty which of course is closed, I just had a little poke around the area before heading back.

This lady & child I feel are kindy pointing out the jetty while looking longingly out to sea

After a picnic lunch on the Fascine courtesy of a stop at Woolies I decided to drive round town see what I could see. Well I eventually ended up at the Space Museum. While looking at the displays was interesting it was going into space that I really enjoyed, again wing it me was like I haven’t thought about doing that & the women just hands me a buzzer. I looked at the space capsule & was like am I going to freak out but I really enjoyed my trip to space.

Capsule Simulator



Just to prove I was there I tried to get a selfie

More bog lapping around town and I took a turn out to the back blocks over the river crossing which was dry & through all the plantations & veggie farms where I bumped into Humpty
As well as the cactus garden

All before heading back for gin o’clock

Loving my birthday present (thanks S&S) and have got set up down pat after 2 days, only knocked myself in the head once, nearly left my pegs & hammer behind. You have to laugh & maybe offer advice when I get to Exmouth & realise I’ve left my pegs in Carnarvon.


It’s good to be travelling again & have my camera back out & playing, if only the photos would download to my iPad {insert eyeroll emoji} oh how I’ve missed you both xx

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Rain + Forest = Rainforest

Last day {insert sad face} and Cairns you turned it on for us thank you for the rain & humidity.

We decided to take one last look at the rainforest so we drove out to do the Skyrail to Kuranda & back. The views above the rainforest were fantastic, we even had a little time to explore Kuranda before heading back.


The afternoon was spent chilling by the lagoon


Now we're just waiting for our plane

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We're Going On A Croc Hunt

Again words cannot explain today and the pictures cannot do it justice...The Daintree & Cape Tribulation. We took a tour that took us to Wildlife Habitat in Port Douglas, lunch at the beach house, how disappointed I was that I didn't see a croc on the beach, some amazing views, a boardwalk through the rain Forrest (again. I croc), an ice cream stop and a croc cruise where we saw a baby & a 3m or so croc.



Note - women wear sports bras on this tour or get a bus with a better suspension

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And like half his relatives... I guess you've worked out where we spent our day so I don't need to tell you about it.....

Ok we spent the day with Passions of Paradise (fully reccomend them to, they were great) cruising the Great Barrier Reef. We stopped at Hastings & Michaelmas Cay (a sand bird island) for snorkels. Amazing is the world, a beautiful underwater garden that words can't describe so these pics will do....



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Battling The Elements On The Road

We drove through the heat, the rain & the road works, I have never seen so many roadworks as we've seen on our trip it really shows us down.

We hit the road from Bowen this morning knowing we had a long drive ahead of us. We took a tour road Townsville before finding the Botanic Gardens. We stumbled accords the Big Gumboot in Tully


Then there was the detour to Josephine Falls and a short hike to base that was totally worth it


Finally made it to Cairns after endless plains, sugar cane fields and banana trees.

Typical picture of our day

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