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Beach Hopping

So a quick stop at visitors centre & next thing I knew I was heading towards Yardie Creek on the North West Cape.

Stop one was Yardie Creek, I couldn’t book the boat tour but I did the hike well the grade 1 hike & part of the grade 4 hike until I realised how sore I was from yesterday & how if I made it down & up that creek crossing I wasn’t sure I’ld make it on the return trek plus its was hot & humid.


And what do you do on the hour & half journey back to town stretch it out to 6 hours. Basically I went beach hoping, stopped in at most places, sometimes I just drove in the car park & others I went for a paddle.


Ready for beach spam I narrowed it down to my favs






I ended up pulling into a random little beach at sunset, great decision I ended up with a whole beach to myself well except my little turtle friends who every so often would pop up to check on me (more beach spam)



There’s a turtle in this one


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Gentle Giants

Today I swam with whale sharks, that is all, that’s all I have to say ... hahaha. Ok really I was awake early with nerves so got to watch the sun rise


There was a bus & tender ride to get to our boat but once aboard we speed off to have a practice snorkel in the lagoon before powering out to the other side of the reef. Not long after been out there the spotter plane alerted us of the first whale shark...false alarm but it was only minutes later & we were ready to go. My first swim all I got was glimpse but I had 5 swims all up & one was just amazing, words cannot describe how it is to swim with gentle giants. They move fast & you tire of kicking to keep up, while avoiding the other 9 people in the water with you. In total we swam with 3 different whale sharks ranging from 5-7m. To finish it off we had a snorkel on the outer reef which was pretty cool. There is photos to come but the girl onboard who takes them will edit them & needs a few days, in the mean time here’s me enjoying my bubbles at the end


While fighting the mozzies, the stars put on a good display


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On The Road Again, Just Couldn’t Wait To Get On The Road...

So the time came to leave the comfort of Carnarvon & head further north, I felt I had seen all I wanted to see.

I ducked into Coral Bay for lunch and a swim, I even went out so my shoulders were under water so nice.



Pretty unexciting drive, bit of roadworks & Exmouth seems busier than Carnarvon but here I am all settled, enjoying cocktail hour for the next few days.



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When in Carnarvon...

Ok let me be honest I don’t like bananas, I don’t know is it the texture or the taste I don’t like, so the only banana I’ll eat normally is of the lolly kind but for some reason I thought I had to try a chocolate coated frozen banana from Bumbaks. Like it was ok while it was frozen but once it started to defrost...I’m sad to say & I feel so guilty I put about 2/3s in the bin well after eating most of the chocolate of it.


Just a quiet day around Carnarvon really

A chilled started to the day, I did get out of bed to make my coffee

A trip to the cultural centre, followed by an art exhibition at the library

A better look at the cactus garden

How amazing would this look in full bloom as a backdrop

A picnic & stroll along the Fascine to say I’ve done some exercise today, before heading back to some housework & feet up.

3.15pm is the new 5 o’clock isn’t it? (Picked up some fresh limes at Morels, along with some gorgeous rocket, the herbs looked amazing too)


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Shaken Totally Not Stirred

Another day, another adventure this time a little further north up the coast but first a pic from last night


Bit of a lazy start, seriously it’s holidays and I headed off to check out the blow holes. Maybe venturing a little further closer than I should be (there were foreigners there) I stood in awe and just watched the waves crash on the red rocks & the occasional spout of water. Words cannot describe it if you haven’t seen it go see it.



Of course I didn’t time my selfies well I’m either smiling with a little to no spurt of water or I’ve got this pained look on my face.


Just a little further round the corner is a peaceful lagoon. I did attempt the practice my snorkelling but you know me don’t like to be out past waist deep so I packed it in & sat with my picnic lunch.



What wouldn’t be a trip to the blowholes without the obligatory King Waves Sign selfie.


Now I decided to do some shaking, rattling & rolling as I thought it would be interesting to head up the Gnarloo Road to Quobba, I’ll just suss out what’s up here. Well some of the corrugations were as deep as they were wide & usually coming up to a creast where you had no choice but to roll across the top. Anyway I got a bit north of Quobba took some photos & hoped the corrugations were better on the other side ... for the record there not.



Just a couple of locals I saw hanging out on the road.


To end the day the sunset at the Fascine

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