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There’s No Controlling Me

After a couple of relaxing days in Bunbury catching up with friends I hit the road (I’m sure you don’t want to know how much I ate, what movie not to see, how my legs hurt after climbing the tower or the Jurrasic Park marathon).

I had seen some pictures of Manea Park in Bunbury so seemed a good place to start. I saw a million sun orchids most not out but also a variety of other orchids & flowers on my walk.


After stocking up I hit the road, took random stops wherever took my fancy, like Greenbushes Pool where again I found more orchids.


I pulled into Muirs Lake lookout despite the rain I braved the boardwalk & from there I saw pink & purple enamel orchids, cowslips & some pink spider orchids couldn’t get close enough for photos. There were also black swans nesting on the lake. So I ventured back to the car & noticed where others had walked along side the boardwalk, with a well if they can do it I can to attitude off I went…went to get wet shoes, socks & pants of course. But I did get photos of the enamel orchids the spiders I wasn’t so lucky, I draw the line at walking through water.


Now I’m just relaxing in the freezing cold of Denmark.

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Don’t Wander Off The Track

Mum may have told me not to wander off the tracks …. So what do I do pull up on the side of the road cause something caught my eye a few meters into the bush. The something ….
Ok it was the purple enamel orchid that caught my eye but I managed to find three orchids in total today on my explorations around Collie.

The caravan park had given me a few maps and one had a trail for out of town so off I went with no real plan, I only got lost/took a wrong turn/turned to early four times that’s not bad I think.

There was Minninup Pool

Black Diamond Lake

St David’s Church

Potters Gorge

Wellington Dam (recommend a BLT from the cafe)
The mural is amazing but my tip don’t walk around with your camera ‘She looks like a photographer’ I ended up taking several groups of ladies pics for them.



Watched some mining at Shovel 6
(I’m there for size comparison)

And finally Stockton Lake

I might go for a walk around town in a bit if I feel like it.

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On The Road South

Cooper asked if I was going to blog while on holidays…My Mum backed him up so here it is…

The day started with an abrupt stop barely out of the town boundary when a big kangaroo decided to step infront of my car, holiday almost ended there.

(This one is for size comparison, this is a tiny kangaroo)

I learnt that if the first overwidth is still making its way across the bridge with a bank of trucks waiting patiently, you have enough time to go through New Norcia (maybe a little above the speed limit) and get out the other side infront of the second escort…however the planned toilet stop had to be postponed until Bindoon.

I detoured into Serpentine Falls for a look where it was just me & another couple so basically had the place to myself but there was no way I was taking a dip.



Took a few little detours, stopped in a parking bay for lunch and ended up walking the wall at Harvey Dam.


I eventually made it to Collie where I’m spending the next couple of nights, took a walk around town before relaxing at the Caravan Park.


(Wouldn’t let me take this back to the Caravan Park when I decided I didn’t want to walk back up the hill)

Whose idea was it to go camping down south at this time of year???? It’s not even 7pm & I’m freezing!!!!!

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One CarCar Southbound

Today I hit the long road home, last place I wanted to go, I was happy escaping reality but happy to have my own bed & a decent shower.

It’s a long drive of well very similarly terrain, you can’t play eye spy alone & if you count caravans, motor homes or campers you’ll be asleep pretty quick. I did see emus, goats & a wedge tail eagle so that kept me on my toes.

I didn’t get very far out of Denham before I pulled into my first stop - Eagle Bluff. I missed it on the way in & while it was close enough to town I could have ducked out I didn’t. Anyway I took a stroll on the boardwalk & watched the sun rise.


The mist in the valleys was quite photographic, just never in a good spot to stop.


Took a quick toilet break at a rest stop at the Galena Bridge rest stop.


So after 3,407.3km, 10 books, 3 cancelled attempts at day tours, countless photos, many memories & 699 songs (A-Z on my phone but I didn’t listen to everyone of those songs tall the way through) I’m home itching to run away again.

Ps I will miss my 3.30, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere :-) drinks & nibbles.

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Why Do I Do It To Myself???

Well I tried to do several tours here in Shark Bay & they just got cancelled due to not enough numbers...that’s life so I got a lie in. I just chilled at camp reading this morning.


Then I migrated to the beach for a little swim.


I got lunch at the cafe & sat in the park with my book for a bit.


Chilled some more at camp, wandered down for my sunset cruise. Seriously why do I go on these things I don’t even like boats!?!?! Guess the guy selling it to me felt bad since they’d cancelled 3 trips already he had to sell me something. Anyway the sunset was nice, we saw dolphins & a sea snake.





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