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October 2015

WARNING contains explicit material

So we had a down day in Reykjavik and how else do you spend it window shopping, a trip to the penis museum & plotting tomorrow's drive.

One member of our group was keen to visit the Icelandic Phallological Museum (otherwise called the penis museum) so we were practically the first ones through the door. The specimens ranged from a hamster to a whale, some had been turned into ties or pot plant holders, there were letters from several blokes willing to make donations to the museum later down the track.

We roamed the streets and bumped into some locals

No yellow brick road here just a rainbow

Saving the rest of Reykjavik for when we return

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We have landed on the moon

Goodbye Germany, Hello Iceland!
I'm sure we took a wrong turn at Amsterdam and arrived on the moon (it was thick cloud most of the time so anything could have happened). The land is rock (dried lava my guess) and the ground covering is moss & grass which isn't brown nor green. We've only been from Keflavik to Reykjavik.
After a few beautiful days in Munich the weather has turned to _ _ _ _ but that's how it rolls, we just don rain jackets & do it anyway.

Can you spot the 2nd plane in this picture

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Three Woman & a Watermelon Named Wilson

So that is how my day started, a traditional Bavarian breakfast -Yum

The three of us (we picked up Birte's Mum last night) and the watermelon living in Birte's car (now named Wilson) took a road trip to Chiemsee (lake)
We encountered Germany bank holidays traffic (obviously all Germans had the same idea as us)

We explored two of the islands on the lake, tranquil & picturesque

However the highlight was Castle Herrenchiemsee, the sun was beginning to set but as you rounded the corner, the forest opened up and the sun lit up this magnificent building.

The day came to an end, it began to get cold so we headed for home

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Plane Spotting & Surfing

Our day starting with a spot of plane spotting at the Munich Airport only a couple of kilometres walk from Birtes house.

Then we spent the afternoon exploring Munich, starting with a kayak pond in the bottom of a sports store (said store also had climbing walls, places to test you rain & snow jackets and travel wine)

We lunched amongst a forest

Can you believe you can surf in Munich, believe me you can and it's quite easy to loose time watching. You can say it's properly my new favourite sport

We finished the day with Olympic Park where we went up the tower & dragged our tired bodies round the stadium

Total number of steps taken today 27,698 (18.23km) and it's not over yet we've got a trip to the airport to go yet. No wonder I'm tired

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Stuff Disney I'm an Aussie bob sledder heading towards gold.

.... But I don't look good in Lycra

Woke up hangover free from German beer, it was after 6am I beat jet lag (yes) , all was good in my world.

Today's plan was to tick something off the bucket list, a visit to Neuschwanstein Castle seemed more achievable than a visit Disneyland, so we took a drive throught the Bavarian countryside. I've definitely had my exercise today I was prepared for the long walk but not mostly at 90 degrees, my advise take the packed bus or overloaded horse cart no actually take the walk it's worth it I'm exaggerating it is an incline & long.


I tried to shut the door keep out all the tourists with large cameras & iPads out

After practically running down the mountain we didn't run up the small hill to Hohenschwangau Castle
The lake by this castle was picturesque

We bumped into some of the locals (I will not mention that it appeared we arrived during there afternoon toilet break)

The highlight was bob sledding I might have been captain slow but it was great fun

Then we found an awesome playground for 50c I got to ride this digger you had controls that moved the bucket, yes it was awesome

Warning wine has been consumed while writing this blog

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