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August 2014

Busy in Berlin

We've had a busy day exploring Berlin with Birte who thankfully not only played tour guide but put up with all our questions & translation requests, bribing her with pineapple lumps worked : ) thank you Birte!

I've seen so much I'm struggling to remember where we've been but it's been great. Unfortunately this hotel has restricted our internet allowance so here is the condensed version of our day


Brandenburg Gate ... Sony Centre ... Lego land (ok we only saw the ticket box & a cool giraffe since they have this stupid rule of needing a kid to get in) ... Sections of the Wall ... Checkpoint Charlie ... Made chocolate at Ritter Sport ... Ate chocolate & admired the chocolate creations at Fassbender & Rausch ... Shopped at the traffic light shop ... Holocaust Memorial ... World Clock at Alexanderplatz ... Saw the views from the TV Tower ... Numerous buildings & museums ... So much more ... Finished with a meal at an Aussie Bar which wasn't all that Aussie.

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Train on a Ferry .... Really?!?!

Really a quiet day mostly on the train, however we didn't quite believe the train driver when he told us we were boarding a ferry to get from Denmark to Germany after all we took that long bridge to get from Sweden to Denmark. But all good and it was nice to walk around in the fresh air.


This is on a wall in our hotel

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Fairy Tales & Rollercoasters

Started our day & ended it with a stroll through what we thought was a park (seriously on the map it looked like a park) how were we meant to know it was a fortress which the military still use today. Before you think they chased us out bayonets raised they didn't we saw one solider on patrol, other that your pretty free to wander through & explore but I guess they are watching you.


Walking out of the "park" we saw the not so ugly duckling with his siblings


We bumped into Hans Christian Anderson, he wasn't much of a talker nor would he sign an autograph


However where we spent a few hours today was Tivoli, I even got Mum on two rollercoasters (they were tame didn't even go upside down). We also went on a fairy tale ride which was all about HC Andersons fairy tales, by then it had gotten a little busy. The gardens where nice, we strolled through them and even caught a bit of a pantomime.


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Chasing Mary & A Kid in a Lego Shop

Here is your picture of the Little a Mermaid from the front

We've spent the day exploring Royal Residences or as I like to call it chasing Princess Mary. We started by walking through the middle of Amalienborg, Mary & Fred's digs it was like you could walk up to the front door of either house.


Before we started our tour, first stop Kronborg Castle otherwise known as Hamlets Castle.


We had a 10 minute stop for ice cream sorry I mean to see the Danish Royals Summer Palace Fredensborg Palace, we weren't allowed too close.


Our final stop on the tour was to Fredericksburg Castle which has been turned into a museum, stunning garden


We managed to fit in a trip to the Lego Shop, I was like a kid in a Lego Shop -didn't know where to look you could build your own Lego man, there was Lego pick n mix, you (well maybe kids) could play & so much lego I wanted to stay.


Ps Apparently Mary & Fred are on holidays in Greenland guess they didn't get the memo bout coffee

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Mary & Fred Aren't Home

Mid afternoon we arrived in Copenhagen after spending the day traveling, just a few problems today cancelled train ... we ended up on the replacement bus & a hot train carriage ... we moved.

We decided to do a canal tour before we retreated to our hotel room to do washing. We got to see a far bit of Copenhagen from the water, maybe a little too much of the locals (nudist beach).


The censored version of The Little Mermaid -we might go see the other side tomorrow

Princess Mary isn't at home so maybe we'll catch them at there summer palace tomorrow

For now we are listening to the soundtrack of the rail line ... Yup it's only meters away from our window. The very nice hotel have given us ear plugs not sure how we'll share the one pair.

Ps thank you everyone for your comments xx

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