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July 2014

A Summer Place in Tampere

Other than attend Hanna & Dave's wedding we have explored some of Tampere, we were lucky to be treated to a city bus tour by Hanna & Dave yesterday while they had photos it was a great way to see the city. However before the wedding we hiked out to see the Pyynikki Tower, the suburb views over the lakes was well worth the climb. The reward (other than the view) was a coffee & special donut = yum!
Today we were treated to lunch and an afternoon at Hanna's families summer cottage, a stunning spot with a wooden house on the lake. Words & pictures do not do this place justice but it was nice to spend the afternoon sitting by the lake, feet in the water chatting to friends. I don't think anyone wanted to leave!

Sunset or sunrise in Tampere from our hotel window

Pyynikki Tower, view & Forrest surrounding

The summer house

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A Finnish Wedding in Tampere

Yesterday was the wedding of good friends Hanna & Dave in Tampere, Finland
The weather was perfect....hot & humid
We started in the Old Church where the ceremony was in both Finnish & English, some aspects were the same as an Australian wedding others different.
We were treated to an hour long city tour by bus why the bridal party went for photos, a great way to see the city.
Finally we boarded a boat to the reception, a beautiful venue overlooking the lake. The reception again was in Finnish & English with lots of laughs. The night was rounded out with dancing & a bus trip home not sure if you say we got home at sunrise or sunset but finally it got dark not really dark but dark.

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A Day of Rest

Today we had a rest day, ok truth we were travelling most of the day. We took the train from Rovaniemi to Tampere with a little stretch on a bus due to rail works. It was nice just to sit back & watch Finland flash by, the scenery was beautiful so different to home. We past lakes, wildflowers which are properly weeds to the Finnish, moose crossing signs or maybe they were elk, red buildings, through towns, think I might enjoy this train business :)
It's nearly midnight and the sun has finally dipped below the horizon not sure if it is sunrise or sunset

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Melting in the Artic Circle

Spending the night on the train was a new experience if it hadn't been for what felt like constant stopping I would have slept well. We were lucky enough to check into our hotel when we arrived at like 8am.

Today was the day, we were going to met the big guy, the guy in red, Santa Claus! We boarded the bus, took one look around, there were no kids on the bus in fact I think I was the youngest! Here's me thinking it's going to be over run with kids no the bus was full of grandparents! Ok slight exaggeration 4 of the 6 other people on the bus were grandparents. We did pick up one excited little girl a few stops later and there were a few kids at the village.

Santas office, Santa Claus Village, Rovaniemi

We met the big guy in person, such a nice guy (Doh! Of course his nice his Santa!) but like his elves really took the time to chat us think been from Australia was a big draw card "that's so far away" one elf said

We were also allowed to pat & feed a reindeer, loved these guys. Think one was going to make a run for it and come home with us

We crossed the Article Circle, have stamps in our passports to prove it

We finished our day with a ride on a road train (a train that goes on the road) we toured the city before taking the time to sit over looking the river watching the world go by.

I'm not sure what it is with the heat (the lady at Santa's Post Office said it was 30 degrees, hottest place in Finland today) it makes the men strip off there shirts now just to be clear I'm not talking Channing Tatum in Magic Mike I'm talking Jack Nicholson, it's a bit scary at times,

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Cultural Eating in Helsinki

Just a little cultural eating in Helsinki....you've just got to try these experiences

Our day in Helsinki.....in pictures

A visit to the Lutheran Cathedral in Senate Square

Uspenski Cathedral


Helsinki Harbour

A sightseeing canal cruise

Some cultural eating yes that's reindeer properly why this guy at the zoo wouldn't talk to us

But really the vendace was very salty & the reindeer well it's wrong to eat Rudolf

A loo with a view ...... At Ateljee Bar

And lastly were aboard the Santa Express for the night

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