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July 2014

Buskers & Beggers

They're everywhere in the street wanting money, some are painted metallic pretending to be statues, making ballon animals, selling magazines, they've got a little jazz band. They ask for money in signs written in English, they want to cash to fix there deformed feet, they don't have any kids nor are they Ill they just money for beer (love there honestly), but my favourite .... Money needed for travel. The further into our trip we go the more beggers & buskers we see.

Bit of a rest day six hours on the train, reading & watching the world pass by. We arrived in Oslo mid afternoon and decided to explore the city centre. There was the Palace, City Hall, Cathedral, there are so many buildings to look at but the favourite The Opera House, a steep climb but worth it for the view.


We also met some locals, they didn't provide much conversation though

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Not an IKEA insight

I thought going to Sweden there would be Ikea's everywhere and we could just pop into one to say we'd been....NO never saw one (we are in the city centre) .... Somehow we still managed to fill in the day.

We kicked off the day with a trip to the Globe Arena where we went to the top of the world on SkyView, were half way up the arena in a bubble and there I am thinking if the cable breaks we'll just roll off the arena and bounce.



We were exploring the old town when we heard a rumble & down she came....how lucky where we...we only went into the Palace to seek refuge (with a million others) but it was great exploring the Royal & State Apartments as well as the treasury.




Flicking through a Stockholm brochure I discovered you could go to Medelhavsmuseet and see a mummy, a real Egyptian mummy! Out with our Stockholm cards and in we went. There really was a mummy a real dead mummy, as well as a knock off mummy along with other Egyptian artefacts. They had done a CAT scan on said mummy and you could look at the layers very interesting.


Lastly we took a canal tour around some of the islands

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Take a chance on .... ABBA

We woke up early (we forgot about the time difference) but we made the best of the early morning, we stood on the deck of the ferry and watched the sun rise
Good Night Turku

Good Night Turku

Stunning but it got better


No editing, this is just what we saw

First stop in Stockholm after offloading backpacks of course was the ABBA MUSEUM!!!


We LOVED it! Such a great place, original costumes & awards, so much to look at. You walked no you danced out singing ABBA




Next we went to hang with the Scandic animals at Skansen, a great open air museum with a zoo. It was another warm day (really jinxed myself there) so some animals where in hiding, we skipped a lot of the museum side as we had been to something similar a few days ago.

Talk to the hand

Such a hardlife brown bear

Just a hug between brown bear brothers


Since we were close by we stopped at the Vasa Museum WOW!!! You walk in past admission and BAM you are staring at an old wooden ship! We're not talking the size of a dinghy where talking full scale 17th century ship that sunk on its maiden voyage in1628. It was amazing my picture does it no justice


We did briefly drop into the Nordic Museum but it was positively boring after the day we had already had, beautiful building though

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Following in the Footsteps of my Ancestors

In the 1860s my great x 3 grandfather August Grandell took a ship from Abo (which is now more common ally known as Turku, Finland) he got to Australia and jumped ship.
In 2014 Mum & me took the overnight Viking Line ferry from Turku instead of jumping ship we disembarked the ship in Stockholm.
Watching sunset on the boat
Goodbye Finland.....we love you

Before we boarded the boat we spent time exploring the Turku city centre mostly by foot, there was the Market Hall, the Cathedral, the river, hiking to find a windmill, laughing at crazy yoga statues, taking a tour of the city by a road train (train that goes on the road, just in case you thought we were in a truck), steps & more steps.
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Footsore in Turku, Finland

This morning we said goodbye to the beautiful Tampere and jumped on a train headed to Turku.
Then we walked & walked & climbed stairs & took a wrong turn & walked but somehow we made it to destination number one ... The Luostarinmaki Handicrafts Museum. Before you start thinking we went to look at crocheting & knitting from the dark ages I'll tell you what it is. The outdoors museum is made up of 200 year old cottages that stand on there original sites, you are given a glimpse of days gone by when you visit the watch maker, post office, tobacco shop, wig maker & many more. This place is amazing, some of the places had people undertaking the jobs from that era, many willing to chat & show you what they were doing if they knew English.

Walking to the harbour was a great idea at the time (so was walking back to the hotel) I'm sure it's miles but you can't say were not getting our exercise. We went to see the Turku Castle, we opted to buy tickets & explore inside the castle. Well I feel like I've been up and down stairs, round & round in circles dozens of times but it was fascinating, they had many displays and a number of rooms set up.

Finally decided it was cool enough (we have a room with an air con!) and our last change to buy some of my favourite Finnish chocolate, sorry this will not be making it home you know with the hot weather & all ; )

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