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May 2019

Oh Mickey, Your So Fine, Oh Mickey & Minnie, Donald, Daisy..

What can I tell you about today........... I MET MICKEY MOUSE!!!! I stood in line for 50mins but I meet him & got a hug.

So if you haven’t guessed it today I went to DisneySea (it’s Disneyland aimed at teenagers & above). Thanks to google maps I successfully made it to DisneySea & aboard the Disney monorail they have Mickey shaped handles too cute!

Really can’t say much about today I didn’t do too many rides I think it was just jasmines magic carpet ride & Simbad sailing journey, both were good but after that I couldn’t be bothered lining up most rides were an hour wait. Oh I did catch the electric train & then promptly walked back that way without realising. I was there for 7 hours & think there’s was still things I missed.

I enjoyed a Minnie Mouse shaped ice cream & a Mickey shaped churro but was disappointed when my pizza wasn’t Mickey shaped.





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OutShrining in the Park

Let’s start with the sleep verdict - I slept great (that’s what flying & lack of sleep does to you + some magnesium stuff mum sent me with). The bed was reasonably comfortable, it is a box with a curtain on one side, plenty of space not to stick one leg out under the curtain. Here’s hoping I sleep as well for the rest of the trip.

I decided to have a chill day which meant a lie in plus that avoided my other room mates (there’s like 26 beds in my dorm but it’s only like half full) they don’t seem too friendly, they avoid eye contact & don’t return your smile, ild say it’s a language barrier. Since I’m right beside Ueno Park I thought ild explore it some more, there’s so much to see plus it’s a lovely green area in the city. I spent some time watching this guy catch tiny fish, he’ld be dead still, then his head would just shoot down & get it.
There’s a few shrines you can explore, most are free to enter & it’s interesting watching everyone and there customs. I managed to catch some kids training and playing baseball, sitting on a bench with two old men on either end I was grateful for the fence, those kids can hit.
I think I worked out this strange building wedged near Starbucks & a cafe was a police box....move over Tardis
I even tested out this fortune teller apparently my lucky item is a small rice bowl.

I’ve fallen pray to Goshuincho - The Honourable Red Stamp Notebook, Originally believed to to have been a way to record monetary donations given to temples or proving your travel was of a religious nature during strict travel restrictions centuries ago. For less than $5 most temples will mark a page with stamps & calligraphy a page in order (back to front). It’s all a bit of fun even though I have no idea where there are from.

Today’s meals have been sponsored by Family Mart & have been a lucky dip, for tea I thought I was buying noodles heated it up and it turned out to be soup, it’s all part of the fun.

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I Heart Pandas

After two smooth flights (one on the top deck of an A380 only problem it was still economy {insert sad face}) I arrived in Tokyo still cool calm & collected I thought having a few days alone in a foreign country the nerves would kick in but I’ve been really good. Unfortunately the Narita airport is about 45minutes from where I’m staying at Ueno but the train was interesting, good to see a little countryside before venturing into the city.

As I arrived at 730am I’ve had quiet a bit of time up my sleeve, majority of the morning was spent at the airport, customs, SIM card, train passes, train, etc...... where I’m staying is along side the Central Park of Japan Ueno Park. There’s a lot of stuff to see & I only touched a bit. You can all laugh at me having KFC for lunch by the water but it was what I knew & i’m tired might be more adventurous for tea.


The weather has been hot, cold all day there was even a little rain when I first arrived in Ueno. Anyway the sun came out for my trip to the zoo, where I spent the afternoon, it’s the first zoo I’ve thought the animals look sad & I felt for them. There’s a great variety of animals to see amongst the throngs of people. The main reason for visiting the zoo the Panda’s, so I joined the 70 minute wait queue and nearly an hour later I was in front of them. Well one who was not going to cooperate & turn around, the other cages looked bare there was hope when one walked towards the gate then turned around. Just about given up hope of a good panda shot one appeared walked around then sat down for a snack.


It was interesting with the other animals there was a tiger who appeared sprayed the plastic screen & walked off, a tortoise getting a little action in the corner & a gorilla that looked like it was doing yoga. There were babies, naughty animals, fights, cheeky monkeys, the lot really just wish they had a little more space to roam. How could I forget the Aussie expats that we’re hiding away from prying eyes.


I’m staying at the Centurion Ladies Hostel and this is my little bunk/capsule, plus the common room where I’m hiding out in the corner typing this.


After some 20,000 steps I’m going to put my sneakers back on & venture out for some food, then an early night (flight was not long enough for a good sleep)


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