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May 2019

The First Bullet Train

To our amazement Mt Fuji was still out this morning & saw us off, she still amazes me.

A quiet day really we had four trains from Kawaguchiko to Nagoya one was Thomas the Tank Engine themed and we also got to take our first bullet train. Truthfully I thought one of the other trains was more comfortable and I honestly thought any second now were going to take off like we were flying.

We’re having a night in Nagoya to break up the journey and have taken a sightseeing bus tour to take in the some of the sights.

This is my bed for the night & Birte pointing out that she can talk to me through the little curtain.

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WARNING!!! Fuji Spam

5am seemed like a good time to wake up, so what do you do at that time in Kawaguchiko ..... go check if Mt Fuji’s out. Still wearing half my pjs under jackets (freezing is the word ild use to describe the weather last night) I captured this shot


After a little more sleep & a 7-11 breakfast we lined up at the cable car, the view from up there even better, Mt Fuji is amazing.


We raced off to the station to catch the bus up to the Mt Fuji 5 Station, the view of the surrounding area is beautiful & there was snow, old icy snow but still snow. Wow is all I can say.


In the swing of Japanese food (it’s not all 7-11) we had tempura for lunch so good, nicely presented too


So the verdict on our accommodation, it wasn’t too bad I might have slept better had someone (me) not cranked the heating up cause we were cold but it was well like sleeping on a swag on the floor.

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The Almost Attack of the Killer Monkey

So this is breakfast I will admit I have taken a liking to the potato rosti sandwiches and the panda chocolate like croissant.

After a short lesson in reading tickets & been at the wrong station we headed off on the train towards Lake Kawaguchiko & Mt Fuji.

We arrived & it was raining but we were able to check into our hostel early and we have a traditional Japanese room & will admit I’m kinda excited to be sleeping on the floor.

TripAdvisor gave us some lunch suggestions and we headed off to try some Houtou which was noodles traditional to this area & vegetables in a miso broth. It was quite warming & the serve was massive, I’m sure it was served in a miniature cauldron but so good!

This is our view of Mt Fuji we assume she’s out that way somewhere from our tourist information but obviously she’s shy.

We took one of the suggest walk trails down towards the river & Tatamiiwa Lava Rock
Birte saw a sign to a shrine & now that we are avid shrine hunters we went to explore well 10m turned into 100, down a little path. There was the shrine a lot like many of the others we have seen. Looking around we were like oh a monkey (it was like a Japanese snow monkey) well the dam thing decided to move towards us and we bolted as quietly as we could. We got away but I’m sure there’ll be killer monkey nightmares
A Sake brewery was on the trip too so we detoured in & I brought a sake pancake for tea

On our way back to the hostel we turned a corner & well I was a bit speechless trying to say to Birte there was Mt Fuji she had come out well she was showing a bit of her middle, a bit of a sneak peak we hope but she’s amazing.

It’s freezing here, in Tokyo I was worried I hadn’t packed the right clothes cause it was warm now it’s the opposite and I have never been more thankful for the heated toilet seats they have here.

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Up Down Up Down Up Down

We have been up & down subways, up sky towers, over here, back up there I’m exhausted!

Breakfast was at a lovely little bakery in the train station that I’m glad I didn’t discover any earlier.

Today we brought a 24 hour metro pass (totally recommend it the metro is easy to use & with a good map we had the official Tokyo travel guide I grabbed at the airport, so easy to get around) & went exploring. Stop one was Asakusa where we joined the crowds & wandered through a shopping street to see the Sensoji Temple. It was quite busy & quite a wait to get our books stamped. From there a quick train ride which wasn’t on our pass and up the Skytree. We did both levels so 450m high I think at one point, they also had a little Barbie display so it was all a bit pink. The view was interesting I could spot DisneySea but Fuji must have heard we were going for a sneak preview & was behind the clouds, fingers crossed for tomorrow. We lunched at a food hall very similar to our food halls including trying to find a seat but some really nice cleaners chased us & said they saved us a seat, totally nice of them. We wanted to get to the Meiji Jingu shrine in time to get a stamp so we went from one side of Tokyo to the other & im glad we did. As soon as we walked into those trees the city noise just disappeared. And it appears while I’m on holidays I have a habit of coming across weddings, there appeared to be what we think were several services going on, of course we stopped & watched. Last stop on our whirlwind metro ride was the palace, it was early 5 when we got there but we walked through a park and all we really found was some guards, gates & trees that looked like they belong in Dr Suess book.

I have noticed some of the older ladies at our hostel have been nicer than the younger ones & have sparked some conversations which has been nice. Tomorrow we say goodbye to Tokyo and head for Fuji let’s hope she’s less shy for the next couple of days.









Ps that is a plastic pizza hat I’m wearing we stumbled across a plastic food shop, just be thankful I’m not bringing you all home a plastic shrimp or diy plastic ramen set.

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Fish & Chips with Chopsticks No Way!

Birte arrived last night and while I enjoyed my time solo in Tokyo it’s nice have someone to laugh to laugh at things translated and help navigate even if you don’t listen.

A quiet day spent exploring the Park & collecting more stamps (total now 7 I think) which was nice after a busy day yesterday, so not much to report but here are a few happy snaps from today (cause I know that’s what your all waiting for :-) )




Don’t tell any one but we ate like locals today so Starbucks for breakfast, Korean for lunch & fish and chips at a British pub for dinner, which would you believe they gave us chopsticks for. I am starting to master more than the shovel and scoop but fear if I had to eat with chopsticks permanently ild starve, maybe it’ll become the new celebrity diet craze.

We’ve booked another night after tonight at the Ueno Centurion Ladies Hostel which I would recommend them, it’s clean, tidy, friendly & most importantly I’ve felt safe.

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