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May 2018

Up in the sky so high...

.... ok maybe just up Srd Hill.

After a bit of a lazy start we took off to the old town and the cable to Srd Hill, ild call it a mountain but apparently it’s a Hill. There’s an old fortress up there which houses a museum about war in the homeland, sad & interesting. The views were amazing



One last wander through the old town where we found the best ice cream shop, Peppino’s probably a good thing we found it on our last day, we’ve definitely walked off today’s ice cream.

We found our apartments pool so nice to go for a dip and wash the sweat away, it was a warm day here and we spent a lot of it on foot.


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To step or not to step

Today we took a jaunt across the border to Montenegro, a beautiful place, mountains, water & interesting buildings. We took a drive around the Bay of Kotor soaking in the sights before stopping and catching a boat across to Our Lady of the Rock a man made island with an interesting church on it.



Have to give our bus driver some credit he backed out of the busy street and we were on our way to Kotor’s old town, another walled city. You can climb the walls which are some 1,500 steps up a mountain, since we are stiff & sour from our hike we decided we’ld do that another time. We wandered the tiny streets, exploring, poking our heads in shops & enjoying an ice cream.


Lunch was overlooking the water in Budva before exploring the old walled town, which was a bit like Kotor. We did manage to take a quick look at the beach the water looked inviting but taking off my sneakers was not, not sure the pebble, shell, sand mix would have been nice to walk on.


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Next time I’ll take the bus

Someone had a bright idea to go hiking today...up a mountain.....well it was the best idea I’ve had all trip, by far the best activity we’ve done this trip (and it was down hill). We hiked along the old railway line (the line is long gone but the tunnels remain) under the peak of Snijeznica or 1234 as its 1234m in the Konavle Valley. The views over the valley, airport and villages were amazing, the legless lizard that looked like a snake not so amazing. Totally recommend the guys at Adventure Park Cadmos Village, these guys build the first treehouse in Croatia I’m packing my bags to move in now.



We took the opportunity to go to Cavtat instead of heading back to Dubrovnik, another great idea. We walked around the peninsula stopimg at bench’s to gaze out to sea. Even dipped our toes into the cold rocky sea, so refreshing. The popular way back to Dubrovnik is by ferry, great idea until the thunderstorm rolls over the mountains and over you in a boat, great when you don’t really like boats, next time I think I’ll take the bus.


Thumbs up to the refreshing water on our tired feet



You can write to me c/- my treehouse, private island, Dubrovnik, Croatia


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Thought I was on holiday....

...but I may have accidentally booked boot camp!

Today we skipped I mean stopped at the border and collected some new passport stamps and went to the Herzegovina part of Bosnia Herzegovina. The drive was windy, pretty sure we took the back roads that were narrow & windy but it was interesting. I noticed people didn’t have a front lawn they had a front potato patch instead. People were working in there little plots, rebuilding damaged building or just watching the tourists drive past.


We arrived in Mostar before the rush and were given a walking tour, we were lucky to see someone jump from THE BRIDGE, sadly I was disappointed in the bridge I just imagined it bigger it’s big I don’t know I thought it might be bigger. You could see the Turkish influence with the stalls along the old town.


Some more windy thin roads later we arrived at the Kravice waterfall, down some steps & a ramp (talk about getting fit) well it was worth it, you could hear the force of the falls before you saw them, could have happily stayed but we thought we might need time to get up the steps.


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At Home Amongst The Gum Trees...

...all that was missing was the sheep, kangaroo & maybe a plum tree think we covered the rest today in Dubrovnik.

Casual stroll to the old town is actually a 2.something km hike (slight exaggeration) but we stopped for sustenance well basically outside our apartment near the new harbour - breakfast


How many photos of the terracotta roofs can you take from the Old Towns city walls (def worth suffering steps & inclines for) .... quite a few I’ve discovered all from slightly different angles.




We explored the Old Town, roaming up & down tiny alley ways, finding little shops tucked away & ended up in an Irish pub for lunch before catching a ferry over to Lokrum. No lie guess what we found tucked away in the middle of the island GUM TREES!!! Plus some other aussies trees it basically looked like the botanic garden was Australia was even dry like home.




The rest of the island was interesting wish I had taken my bathers I might have jumped in there Dead Sea it did look inviting until you read the sign about something stinging you. We did skip some of the island not sure our legs would have handled what looked like a mountain.

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