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A Moving Day


Only in South East Asia can a walk along the rivers edge at 8am cause you to drip sweat. And I can repeat it tomorrow in Cambodia instead of Laos.

So we took a midday flight to Phnom Penh (can scratch Cambodia off the map now) love hour long flights even if it is a bit bumpy & the food lets not discuss the food......why must everything have banana in?

Cambodia is meant to be worse weatherwise, we've sweated buckets inThailand & Laos, here we were sweating 44's!! But the rain did come & cooled us down for a whole five minutes.

We visited the Killing Fields, they don't have the money the excavate all the bones so they come up every time it rains. They're just lying there, some piled up, others not yet all the way to the surface, you try not to walk on them but I must say ashamedly I think I walked on some.


The Genoside museum was chilling, you walked through cells I guess, so many faces with numbers, all very sad. We were lucky to met one of the two living survivors, such a happy chap.


Experienced the street kids (ironically on our way to dinner at Friends a place set up to give the street kids skills) this one girl 10 if that hassled us outside our hotel. She was feisty and conned a lot of the boys to play Rock Paper Scissors so they would buy her braided bracelets, she was pretty quick to call anything that looked like cheating yet she was the biggest chest of all.

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