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Where did you have lunch today

This is where I had lunch on top of the world!!! But it was one hell of a climb to get there thankfully we were on a coach but after 7 hours of twisting & turning I'm glad to be stationary.

Now we've all seen those worlds worst road shows well this one was enough for me quite often there was a drop on one side, a gutter & mountain on the other. The road was rough, windy & only about 1.5 cars widths wide. We did pass a section that had broken away but that wasn't what scared me about half hour into the trip were coming round the bend & find a truck getting its tyre changed pretty much in the middle of the road on the bend. The little tyre truck was on its right (they drive on the right hand side here) so we had go on the inside all well & good if you mind the gutter but it gets worse so the bus drivers going for the pass on the inside & what is on the other side a fuel truck. I'm like this is it for someone, someone's going over the edge or getting blown up. Didn't need to worry about a thing, the bus driver had it under control & after that any pass was easy. We meandered from Luang Prabang to Vang Vieng we passed villages, cows, so green yet so dry.

See that road that's a good bit

Even the toilet had a view

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