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OutShrining in the Park

Let’s start with the sleep verdict - I slept great (that’s what flying & lack of sleep does to you + some magnesium stuff mum sent me with). The bed was reasonably comfortable, it is a box with a curtain on one side, plenty of space not to stick one leg out under the curtain. Here’s hoping I sleep as well for the rest of the trip.

I decided to have a chill day which meant a lie in plus that avoided my other room mates (there’s like 26 beds in my dorm but it’s only like half full) they don’t seem too friendly, they avoid eye contact & don’t return your smile, ild say it’s a language barrier. Since I’m right beside Ueno Park I thought ild explore it some more, there’s so much to see plus it’s a lovely green area in the city. I spent some time watching this guy catch tiny fish, he’ld be dead still, then his head would just shoot down & get it.
There’s a few shrines you can explore, most are free to enter & it’s interesting watching everyone and there customs. I managed to catch some kids training and playing baseball, sitting on a bench with two old men on either end I was grateful for the fence, those kids can hit.
I think I worked out this strange building wedged near Starbucks & a cafe was a police box....move over Tardis
I even tested out this fortune teller apparently my lucky item is a small rice bowl.

I’ve fallen pray to Goshuincho - The Honourable Red Stamp Notebook, Originally believed to to have been a way to record monetary donations given to temples or proving your travel was of a religious nature during strict travel restrictions centuries ago. For less than $5 most temples will mark a page with stamps & calligraphy a page in order (back to front). It’s all a bit of fun even though I have no idea where there are from.

Today’s meals have been sponsored by Family Mart & have been a lucky dip, for tea I thought I was buying noodles heated it up and it turned out to be soup, it’s all part of the fun.

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Glad you're having fun - hope you find someone to talk to. Are the room mates Asian? I'm wondering if they consider it bad manners to make eye contact.

by Rae

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